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    I was hot when Pap did his wack A to Z wackness it aint comparing to the original & This Wackonomics
  2. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    Best Name of an Artist/Musician or group of all time?

    I know this a mad random subject but I was just thinking how some people have the most wildest crew names & alias. so I wanted to see who yall think is thebes in the history of music. I got a tie between Immortal Technique- That*@@! just sounds raw and untouchable & Every Member of Marylin...
  3. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    If you're gonna pay Lil Wayne $50,000 a verse,

    WHY NOT PROMOTE?!!? "Cry Out Remix"- Mario "Party like a rockstar remix"- Shop boyz "White Girl Remix"- USDA "Its Me Snitches Remix" Swizz Beatz "Beat W/o Bass"- Freeky Zeeky <--might have been free "Untitled"-TI (didnt make the album) I mean you drop the cash why not utilize it and get the...
  4. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    Well Dame if these N's thought about themselves for a change

    "then maybe they can finally figure out how to get they self some change" Damn been bumping since the Patriots Win Roc-A-Fella Classic
  5. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    Any one going to get tatted by Kat Von D today?

    For the Guinness Record? I'm a wait til hella late at night
  6. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    Best Song off A soundtrack

    Had to start this thread after hearing "Shake ya Tailfeather at a party last night. If you count non-rap then the best is that theme from Requiem For A Dream Thoughts?
  7. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    Best Athlete Rapper Vol. Keep Ya Day Job

    AI aka The Answer aka Jewels Ron Artest aka Slap Ya Favorite Fan Deion Sanders aka Primetime Tony Parker SIKE! ENGLISH ONLY DISCUSSION Kobe aka Mystikal aka Webbie Girl Gimme That Troy Hudson aak T-Hud aka I sonned myself with this nickname Roy Jones aka Lean Back Shaq aka the...
  8. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    Cam'ron Appreciatin Thread (In honor of PE #1)

    November 7, 2007 is offically Cam'ron Day. So Until 5PM EST Let's Celebrate Favorite Bars, Favorite Videos, Favorite Interviews Bar: Cat like you? Call you a Gladiator Give her oral, and you happy, Glad-he-ate-her (Stupid) Vid: Interview and/or Killa Season Clip
  9. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    Saigon feat Jay-Z-Come on Baby Remix

    Jay Z on point as always anyone with other thoughts Find your own link
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