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    NT's Most Attractive City: LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS - NBA Playoff Edition 2016

    SPINOFF THREAD! - NBA Playoff Edition - Contending Cities have teams in the playoffs - Seeding is determined by cities playoff position - 5 Celebrities are selected per city to represent each team's starting five. - Each of the participants were either born in the city/area they represent, or...
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    So my buddy's GF is in the running for the 49ers 1st Annual Golden Voice competition. The winner gets to sing the national anthem on Monday September 14th in front of the national audience. She made the Top 10 but needs our help. Please click the link and vote for Carmen Gonzalo! Thanks NT...
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    We'll Really Miss You, Mrs. K! RIP

    I'm like many out there in thinking that The Simpsons isn't nearly as good as it once was, but Marcia Wallace, the voice over for Bart Simpson's Springfield Elementary School teacher, has passed away at the age of 70. May she rest in peace |I...
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    My Fellow Good Hearted Brethren of NT, I Call On You! Help!

    I'm raising funds and awareness for the March For Babies charity. Every year babies are born premature, born with defects, and the really unfortunate suffer infant mortality. In recent years March for Babies has raised enough money to save 125,000 babies from being born premature. But the...
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    Monopoly is back at McD's

    Didn't see a thread so I decided to create one. I've already racked up Marvin Gardens and Atlantic Ave. If anybody has Ventnor I'd be willing to go half on the $20,000 prize.
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    Are fans more attracted to winning or entertainment?

    Are fans more attracted to winning or being entertained? I think fans being entertained is a major portion of fans attending games. Case in point, the Golden State Warriors. They're almost guaranteed to not make the playoffs in any year yet their style has turned over huge attendance annually...
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    Anybody Know About This "Bohemian Group"?

    I saw an episode of Decoded last week and it's piqued my interest. Are these guys the Illuminati many people like to speak of? Does anybody have more insight to them? Here's the link to the episode. Decoded: Bohemian Group
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    So NT I've been feeling chest pains since yesterday morning and its been persisting ever since.  I'm hoping its just heartburn but not quite sure.  I've taken Maalox and its helped but it hasn't gotten rid of the problem.  Anybody else have this problem before?  If so what steps have you taken...
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    Ms. Keys is BAD

    A brunch time treat for my fellow NTers... Enjoy.
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    NT Help: My Web Browsers Keep Closing vol. Getting Rid of Spyware?

    So for the last week or week and a half my web browsers have been closing after 2-3 minutes of usage. I've been using Internet Explorer and Firefox 3. I'm also pretty sure there is spyware and other viruses on my laptop because this hasn't happened before. What kind of programs can I download...
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    Family Matters Heads: Do You Remember... vol. Gwendolyn

    To my NT folks who watched Family Matters on the regular, do y'all remember Gwendolyn? You know, that little girl used to try and mack on Richie? Well,that fool is a certified %+*!@!+ for not wanting to hook up with her. Take a look at how she's grown
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    1991 ECF Revisited vol. Bad Boys Were Classless

    I just watched the ending of the '91 ECF when Jordan and the Bulls finally got past the Pistons. Them Bad Boys had no class at all. Pulling some RandyMoss type attitudes in the end leaving the bench early after getting ran off their home court. I mean, did they not have any sort of respect...
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    Patriots Fans Feel Cheated

    Cheaters Feel Cheated: Patriots Fans Want Final 1:40 of Super Bowl XLII Investigated Posted Feb 9th 2008 1:10PM by Dan Benton Filed under: NY Giants, Patriots, NFL Fans,Boston, Super Bowl, New York, FeaturedStories In a humorously ironictwist, fans of the New England Patriots are demanding that...
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    707: Heads Up!

    What's good NorCal NTers? Yo I help run a youth group on Friday nights for my church and we're planning on going to World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney, Australia. Costs are dumb high though, $2500/head and there's about 25-30, probably even up to 40 of us that wanna take this life altering trip...
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