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  1. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    Worst song I've heard in a while....

    I heard the beginning of the song & was ready to hate but then i listened to the song (something yall didnt do) cause if you did you would have heard "Man Hip hop I'm trippin He came to dry snitchin He workin with them people Cuz he see his sale slippin He used to watch the feds He knew he was...
  2. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    new Killa Cam "Pass the dutchie"

    hahahaa thats my N Mr Giles coming with heat again and at him singing in the beggining
  3. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    Its about that time! Jeezy Quotables Vol. DAAMMMNNNNN

    Hat cocked Glocked cocked White t White one's Laced up no socks hahahaha Jeezy got sweaty feet
  4. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    [| -- Remix's that DESTROY the Original Track? -- |]

    Ice Box Remix Usher is that dude One Blood Remix The Pledge Remix
  5. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724


    Monopoly had a good message but i wasnt feeling it if that made sense im a check sharades
  6. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724


    I actually dont like him but i dont hate him. maybe it was the overhype but outside of his touch it verse & law library he has done nothing to impress me
  7. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724


    I was hot when Pap did his wack A to Z wackness it aint comparing to the original & This Wackonomics
  8. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    What are your top 5 albums

    Dead Prez- Lets Get Free 2Pac- Me Against The World Bloc Party- Silent Alarm Ice Cube- Amerikkka's Most Wanted Deltron 3030
  9. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    The White Lil' Wayne

    The Best Rapper alive......since the best rapper retired
  10. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    Funniest Rap Line/s Vol. Iono

    Cam'ron- Boy Boy Cat like you? Call you a Gladiator Give her oral, and you happy, Glad-he-ate-her (Stupid) Nuff Said. Thread ended
  11. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    *** Re-Up Gang "20K Bros On The Corner" ***
  12. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    *** Re-Up Gang "20K Bros On The Corner" ***

  13. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724


    yea i did " You need help, is Dre gone put him on the shelf? Better learn from Rakim"-FALSE " You ain't sold $*$!, and I sold 500K more than that"- 3million sold Not appreciation sales aint everything but you cant talk about sales to someone who has more than you. Im sorry Budden is 1 of 2...
  14. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724


    I took a survey in da hood%*!$!+, went to da projects Asked b's if they was feelin your %%$! They was like "Nope." HA HAH Joe Budden is nice but Game ate him up
  15. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    Best Name of an Artist/Musician or group of all time?

    I know this a mad random subject but I was just thinking how some people have the most wildest crew names & alias. so I wanted to see who yall think is thebes in the history of music. I got a tie between Immortal Technique- That*@@! just sounds raw and untouchable & Every Member of Marylin...
  16. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    VIDEO: Soulja Boy ft. Arab - Yahh! (smh)

    hahaha im gonna say this tomorrow to someone & i dont know when I'm ever gonna stop YAHHH TRICK YAHH>>>> Jamie Foxx's Talk to the hand
  17. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    Yooooooooo this was the joint!!!!

    Why is Mannie & BG Cripped out in the last video? No Wonder they had to leave haahhaha but yea i miss this CM
  18. scotthallwithapick_nuked_for_import1201036724

    I knew this would of happen, just knew it. Vol. Camel huntin season, death to DJ

    Cant wait for that Beanie Mixtape "True American Gangsta" Thats gonna be interesting
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