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  1. lovemy23kicks


    i cant find many online retailers who sell AUTHENTIC bape merchandise...maybe i jus dont know where to look. also im looking for reasonable prices. thanksall!!
  2. lovemy23kicks

    Let's get this 2012 thing hashed out

    Gucci mane's career= DEAD as he knows it, if he keep messin with JEEZY. JEEZY>gucci ALLDAZ
  3. lovemy23kicks

    R.I.P Billy Mays

    n here n the DMV, the vicims of the metro train crash on the redline RIP to all of the fallen
  4. lovemy23kicks


    #1. you nay be right #2. im VERY experienced. i have built 5 so far, including my friends. #7. hers is going to be a little louder bcuz its a ford taurus. -n yea, i have done everything but rip the head unit out trying to fix this issue lol
  5. lovemy23kicks


    i dont think its the box tho, my friends box is tuned to 36hz n its still killin the lows...
  6. lovemy23kicks


    #1. the subs freq response is 20-500hz #2. the box is a custom, made by me, out of 2" thick heavy duty wood. NOT partical board. it is tuned to 34hz. PORTED #3. I have a 220 AMP alternator with a big 3 upgrade of 2 gauge wire #4. The sub is being powered my an MTX 1501d #5. the sub is wired down...
  7. lovemy23kicks


    what up nt. without anyone's particular opinion on MTX, i need preferably someone who is familiar with the thunder series. i have the woofer wired down toa 2 ohm load for my 1501d. BUT its not hitting the lows i want it to, and know it is capable of. im starting to think it has something to do...
  8. lovemy23kicks

    LC Jordan XI CG

    FAKES -date doesnt touch barcode -wrong font and format on tag -cf is wrong pattern and would appear to be fake -2-3 spacing is not sufficient
  9. lovemy23kicks

    PC: XI bred 2001

    215-280 all depends on who is watching. jus sold my 10.5's ds n got 280 shipped for em.
  10. lovemy23kicks

    LC on CDP 3

    deff legit, everything is on point, a tagged pic wouldn't hurt tho
  11. lovemy23kicks

    Price Check Flint Grey IXs

    they are worthed 80ish dollars lmao
  12. lovemy23kicks

    legit check 17/6 cdp pack

    yea, plus the seller has zero feedback, and is from hong rather have swine flu than by from that seller
  13. lovemy23kicks

    PC: MOCHA 3's

    165ish, only flaw i can see is the toebox, not to bad...
  14. lovemy23kicks

    LC- Retro AJ 3's - True Blue

    FAKES -e-print is painted on not indented, on top of that, its the wrong pattern, and it goes up way to high on the toe box
  15. lovemy23kicks

    LC PC ON CG XI SZ 9.5

    trade him for the yeezy's in the background lol umm yea, those CG's are not worth more than 65 bucks IMO....i wouldn't trade
  16. lovemy23kicks

    QUICK Legit/Price Check on DMP Package (Need Help Fast!)

    OOOOOOOO YEAAAAAAAA!!! i count figure out where i recognized his SN from. thanks lol that was drivin me crazy
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