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  1. parada45

    Diego Maradona tripping his grandson Benjamin Aguero

    Still a scumbag :lol
  2. parada45

    When it comes to Football girls aren't real fans IDC IDC IDC!

    Am I the only one who feels this way? Girl love to pretend to like football Nothing more annoying
  3. parada45

    So I saw Hell Rell over the weekend

    I was at Wet Wille's in Miami over the weekend and I kept hearing someone emphasizng the letter"B" "Make sure to DL my mixtape next month off of Datpiff"
  4. parada45

    Pinstripe Jordan Jersey Legit Check Please help me out NT I'll rep Thanks for the help
  5. parada45

    Photoshop baby me (NT PLEASE PROVIDE LULZ)

    I need some laughs. Please go all out! lol
  6. parada45

    So I Was Arguing With My GF

    We were arguing about Batman and Robin came up. I was trying to explain to her why Robin sucks. I really only could come up with " he just does". Help me out with an argument NT.
  7. parada45

    If NT Shutdown Where Would You Go?

    I have always wondered about this. Anyone?
  8. parada45

    Getting Gifts Back From An Ex?

    Well I bought my ex some pearls and I want them back. Any way of getting them back? She hates me by the way. lol
  9. parada45

    HELP!!! Please Vote NT

    Please vote for my niece Victoria. She made the top 25.  http://hot995.clearcontes...rveyID=122686&zx=448
  10. parada45


    Please vote for my Niece Victoria for Battle of The Babies.  You could win a trip to Florida by voting.  Her shoe game is sick by the way. Thanks NT  http://hot995.clearcontes...rveyID=122686&zx=448
  11. parada45

    Most Random Thing You Have Said/Done While Drunk

    Apparently I told my friends last night that I was going to Master P's party this morning 
  12. parada45

    Your Friends or Your Girlfriend?

    My Girl of almost 4 year recently asked me this and I said my friends. Am I messed up for not putting my GF ahead of everyone?
  13. parada45

    Who Would Win In A Fight? Superman vs Batman

    Superman would be the obvious choice. But with all of Batman's resources could he pull an upset? Batman does always find a way.
  14. parada45

    Photoshop This Guy For Me

    I have been having a photoshop war with this guy. Can anyone on NT to ether this dude for me. Here are some pics of him. Thanks NT
  15. parada45

    Movie Questions You Want Answers To

    In The Lord of The Rings why exactly did Frodo leave at the end? In the Matrix why did Neo have to die?
  16. parada45

    Star Wars Appreciation

    Yes I am watching the Marathon on Spike TV
  17. parada45

    Jay-Z Long Lost Sister

  18. parada45

    Put A Rap Head On Some Rock

    Rap/Hip Hop has been slacking lately so I have been trying to listen to some rock. Problem is I don't really know much. Can you guys suggest me somesongs. Here is what I been listening to so far. Green Day- Time Of Your Life Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Give It Away Nirvana-Smells Like Team Spirt...
  19. parada45

    Reggie Bush's Hair Pic Request

    Anyone got a pic of it from last night? Thanks in advance
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