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  1. beeniesfoams

    Anyone know what DJ Premier beat this is?

    It starts at 0:09
  2. beeniesfoams

    Eric Bellinger :The Rebirth

    Anybody hear this yet? Dude is Nice!!! 32 Tracks of :smokin
  3. beeniesfoams

    R&B heads I need to find out what this song is...

    at the 13:45 mark. Thank you
  4. beeniesfoams

    Meek Mill - Dreamchasers Appreciation

    I listen to this almost everyday, and it amazes me how he's able to paint that picture. Sigel, well you already know he had that skill set, but Meek? On this track he proves to me that he can actually rap:  
  5. beeniesfoams

    Mario - This is How Love Feels  My boy is back!!!!!
  6. beeniesfoams

    Omarion -- The Awakening

    1) Intro 2) Luke Skywalker (*!@#@@*#+!%) ft. Method Man 3) Fall In Love ft. YG 4) Battle ft. Red Cafe 5) Guilty 6) Clap Yo Hands ft. Sonnie O & Rye Rye 7) Beg ft. M$ney 8) Get It On ft. Red Cafe 9) Cut a Rug 10) Komfort ft. Lil Wayne 11) Pleasure and Pain ft. K-Mac 12) Puerto Rico ft. Lil Eddie...
  7. beeniesfoams

    Martin vs. Jamie Foxx (What's your pick?)

    As Martin has started to be picked up by MTV2, it got me to thinking how much the two shows had in common. What's your pick? Me? I'd have to go with Martin as he was consistently funny. Jamie def. had me in tears on some shows but he never kept me laughing as much as Martin.
  8. beeniesfoams

    DipsetGeneral Puttiin in work.

    Tyga - Light Dreams jupiterjaywall 1...
  9. beeniesfoams

    Snoop (Felicia Pearson) from The Wire is still about that life......
  10. beeniesfoams

    106 & Park Presents: Valentine's Day Live (feat. Ginuwine, Bobby V & Tank)

    I Love these things. It just so satisfying to know who can really sing and who really can't. Ginuwine killed differences. Bobby V killed all of his songs, and Tank, well Tank is a given, DUDE has that INNATE ability when it comes to performing live vocally. 2112141927 Uploaded by...
  11. beeniesfoams

    H-Town Appreciation

    Dudes had hits and Dino's voice >>>>>>>
  12. beeniesfoams

    New Mario {_= Taste the Difference=_}

  13. beeniesfoams

    Omarion feat. J cole --- In The Morning (remix??)

    We first heard this J Cole joint feat. Drake, but Omarion kept a J. Cole verse and did what he wanted to on it. I wanna know if THAT'S HIM @ 1:01
  14. beeniesfoams

    New Tank [{-- That's What You Are--}]

    Smooth as s&*t!
  15. beeniesfoams

    For all my smooth G's Pleasure P - Good Day

  16. beeniesfoams

    Pleasure P. {(-- 4 Ur Pleasure --)} Mixtape

    Gosh he ripped this
  17. beeniesfoams

    Marques Houston Appreciation

    Sorry but I had to do it. I'll admit dude can be corny as hell sometimes, but there's no denying that out of every album, there's always gonna be one or two bangers. Put this dude in a room with a collective combo of good producing and writers and he may have that album that we've all been...
  18. beeniesfoams

    New Mario - Letter To The Game -

  19. beeniesfoams

    Lights out, sucker punch, siked out. Caught a love wave, rode it then i wiped out.

    Two ships just passing in the night now, Offshore, looking for a light house. Reveal you said that it was painless, down and out drowning in the sea of my anguish Funny, you always said hope floats. Comprehended it, but i cant cope
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