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  1. freddypee

    Captain Marvel Fundraiser

    I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this here, so if not, sorry delete. Anyway... Last year I created the Black Panther Challenge which sent 73k kids to see Black Panther for free and raised about $1M. This year we are sending girls from Girls Inc. LA to see Captain Marvel and I'm hoping the...
  2. freddypee

    2016: A Scary Movie VOL. I Know What You Did Last Year

    This is hilarious and creative, didn't see it posted.
  3. freddypee

    New Full Captain America Trailer......piff

  4. freddypee

    ANyone ever gone to the NYC African Burial Ground???

    If you have been there whats it like? Should I visit??? For those of you who have no idea what Im talking about here you go:
  5. freddypee

    Dont know if this has been posted yet but mmmmmm shes FINE

    Girl from Harriet the Spy and Eurotrip rapping in the video on that minaj flow
  6. freddypee

    Classic hip-hop playlist

    If you had to make a playlist of hip-hop tracks what would they be? (word to the Wu and Common)
  7. freddypee

    Niketalk...I need help picking a restaraunt in nyc for my 21st bday!

    Ok so Im turning 21 next week and I'm spending that Friday night getting crazy with my boys. But Saturday I need a place to go eat with about 15 peoplethats a relaxing and chill place. Not everyone with me will be 21 though. So any suggestions? If the place has music that would be a plus.
  8. freddypee

    NBA 2k10 my player WTH??!?!!?!?

    so Im playing the my player mode and I average about 30 a game and 7 assists and rebounds I'm on the rockets.....some how Carl Landry who doesnt start onmy team is 2nd in mvp voting and lebron is first....both are averaging 196 points per game and about 40 assists 60 rebounds.....
  9. freddypee

    UPDATE!!!! NT please help my mom win her dream wedding!!!

    UPDATE: So I want to thank everyone who has voted. Voting ends if everyone could vote once more or get other to vote that would be great....the winners will be announced tomorrow morning on Good Morning AMerica.... once again thanks everybody!!! Ok so make a long story short...
  10. freddypee

    Law Abbiding Citizen Appreciation ...Word to Leonidas

    Movie was great and didnt see a post about it.... so yeah if you havent seen it get on that
  11. freddypee

    Students...DO NOT USE

    So I needed to sell a few text books to get some bread in my pocket and I find They gave me the best quote for my books so I sent mybooks in, instead of sending me a check they send me a notice saying in I sent in defective books. I sent in brand new books and 4 of them at...
  12. freddypee

    All my fellow Entourage fans...this could be something almost as epic

    Kid Cudi Lands Role In New HBO Series Friday, 24 July 2009 11:40 G.O.O.D. Music artist Kid Cudi will seek to parlay the success of his breakout single "Day 'N' Nite" into TV when he begins lead acting duties for HBO's How To Make It In America. In an interview...
  13. freddypee

    This will be one of the movies of the year Vol. Hate on him all you want

    I saw the trailer for this last night and it looks amazing. I remember about a week ago bunch of dudes on here were saying how much they hated Tyler Perry,well from what I can see the man is making great movies.
  14. freddypee

    4th of July...What are you guys up to?

    So I'm planning on either staying in the city and hitting Battery Park. Maybe I'll end up in Philly...dunno if its fun or not on the 4th though. Whatyou guys gonna do?
  15. freddypee

    Richard Jefferson to the San Antonio Spurs

    Didnt see it if late please lock The Milwaukee Bucks agreed to trade Richard Jefferson to the San Antonio Spurs for Bruce Bowen, Kurt Thomas and Fabricio Oberto, a Bucks source told Durable Stars In the past two seasons, only two players have averaged at least 20.0 PPG while...
  16. freddypee

    Weekend road trip with the fellas....any ideas???

    So we are in NYC and want to get away from Friday to Monday....Just drive somewhere...not too crazy...but just good quality time with the brothers .....guysgot any ideas for something this time of year?
  17. freddypee

    How do you feel about having sex in front of pets?

    So the other day I went to this girls house to do the do and shorty dog was in the room basically watching.... told her to kick it out and she said no she isrelaxing... anything like this ever happen to you guys?
  18. freddypee

    Ok my fellow members of NT.....first date ideas....Im drawing a blank :-\

    Ok so I'm going to be hanging out with this girl tonight. Im usual very good at first date ideas...but heres the problem....its freezing out and she doesntget off work til I will see her round 10:30.... we were supposed to get coffee but it will be too late so I figured we can chill in...
  19. freddypee

    UPDATE WITH this is what the guys in New York are wearing now ....

    On the train coming home from work..... always thought Pradas were wack but wth sorry here go the pics...
  20. freddypee

    How old were you when you first came to NT and what brought you here???Vol. NOSTALGIA

    I've been noticing lately a lot of young heads have been posting.... and by young I mean like early HS.... I'm only 19 myself. Then I realized Istarted here when I was like 12-13..... and I came to find out how I could buy the Space Jam XI then I couldnt leave lol... I don't even rock sneakers...
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