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  1. americangenius

    US Navy Confirms UFOs Are Real - CNN Trending now, original video was leaked a while ago but the US Navy just confirmed it is in fact real and they have no idea who or what it is. I'm not certain this is extraterrestrial, but its movement is unlike...
  2. americangenius

    Candidates Want to Wipe Student Loan Dept: Is it a Good Idea?

    Warren, Sanders, and others have been touting the idea of forgiving student loan debt. I've paid mine back and now wish I hadn't, but I say if GM can get a bailout...
  3. americangenius

    No one wants kids, US Birth Rate Hits 32-year low

    We're having less kids than they did 50 years ago with half the population: Curious to see where NT stands on this, personally I see raising children as the ultimate luxury. Raising a...
  4. americangenius

    NY Bans Discrimination Based on Hair

    Surprised it took this long. I wonder if there are exceptions, such as dyeing hair to unnatural colors. The article mentions treated and untreated hair but I can't see a conservative law firm hiring a rainbow hair-colored paralegal.
  5. americangenius

    Should the NCAA exist? FBI opens probe, finds violations. I was going to post this in the S&T but this discussion is bigger than sports. For years the NCAA has gone unchecked while making billions of dollars using unpaid...
  6. americangenius

    Florida School Shooting, Over 20 Casualties 20 reported shot. Shooter is in custody apparently. If thread already exists, please delete.
  7. americangenius

    Hip-Hop Dethrones Rock as the Most Consumed Music Genre in the U.S. Crazy to think that just two decades ago it was a budding movement and it's now the preferred genre of a nation of 325 million people. At this point it's become the music of this...
  8. americangenius

    Any Actors on NT? Possible Acting Thread

    Has anyone had a role on a TV show/commerical/movie? Interested to hear your experience in casting and whole process in general.
  9. americangenius

    VIDEO This chick is BAD (wearing xiii's)

    I didn't even notice the xiii's....
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