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  1. eashawty

    Bambino Gold

    yall **** wit my ***** gold mitape hard
  2. eashawty

    Mumbo Sauce?

    wat the hell is mumbo sauce? i aint never had it but i always see or hear people sayin how good it is. wat do it taste like & where can i get sum?
  3. eashawty

    i need sumbody to photoshop sumthin for me

    wat up ducks, i need sumbody to photoshop a pic of ray j in a superman suit for me. if u can, make him look a lil bigger wit muscles & all that good stuff
  4. eashawty

    just made a twitter...

    so i finally became a follower & made a the hell do i get followers & where all the +@## at on here?
  5. eashawty

    Is there any way to cash a check after its been voided?

    aight so my old college sent me a refund check a while back(in december), but im just now openin it & realizin wat it is(im lazy). its a lil check for bout $600 but it say void after 180 days. im tryna see if its any kinda way i can still get my hands on the money...
  6. eashawty

    Wat does a life coach do?

    aight yall real $+%!, i think i may need a life coach. i always been one of the smarter dudes, but i make sum of the stupidest most reckless decisions ever & those decisions normally put me in bad situations. ive known this about myself for a couple years & i been tryna change it but its like im...
  7. eashawty

    y cant i see embedded videos?

    i cant see any videos thats embedded on here, i can only watch it if yall post a link. all i see is a outline of the video wit this lil white box wit sum shapes in it in the corner...can anybody tell me y?
  8. eashawty

    bruh these females just dont give a @!%% no more bruh this @!+ aint playin
  9. eashawty

    ugliest chick u smashed?

    like the title say...wats the ugliest chick yall dun smashed? post pics too...i'll post my gremlins after i get sum participation from the rest of yall
  10. eashawty

    help me id a song

    wats the name of that one boosie song wit the jamaican soundin dude singin on the hook, & wat cd or mixtape is it on?
  11. eashawty

    What do dreams mean?

    so i keep havin these same dreams. i normally have a dream or 2 every night & most of the time they basically be the same dreams. they always end wit me gettin killed violently, or my mom still bein alive or me bein in love wit sum female. wat the hell do all this mean cause i been havin these...
  12. eashawty

    how does nt feel about abortion?

    earlier today me & my girl was talkin & sumhow abortion came up(no she aint pregnant). she said she dont agree wit it, but i said i do. i said i agree wit it cause i dont think 2 people who dont wanna be or arent ready to be parents should bring a child into the world if they dont think they can...
  13. eashawty

    school me on temp services

    im tryna see how temp services work. do u need to have experience & how do they decide if they want u? basically i need to know everything, im down on my **** & i aint eatin right now. i need sum money real bad. im bout 1 step away from bein on that %*%@ #@$% & just kickin doors down 4real.
  14. eashawty

    Bruh sumbody need to help me

    aye NT, i just dropped my potna off at his crib but i wasnt in my whip. i hit the fence around his yard & i aint on the insurance for the car i was in, wat can happen to me? dammit sumbody help me out
  15. eashawty

    recommend me sum good r&b...

    yall put me on to sum r&b singers & albums. i dont really listen to much new r&b music but im tryna see if i been missin anything
  16. eashawty

    t-mobile question...

    do any of yall know if its way to see the pictures on yo phone when u log in to my t-mobile from the computer?
  17. eashawty

    yall remember that cody paul kid?

    wat ever happened to him? he should be like a junior in highschool by now. does anybody know if he gettin recruited by any colleges? they wouldnt let me embed but i posted the link to his old highlights...   
  18. eashawty

    recommend me a good hood movie

    wat it do bored as %!%@, so name sum good hood movies for me to watch
  19. eashawty

    The Five Heartbeats Appreciation Post

    saw this movie for the 1st time in a while on bet the other day & i forgot how good it was. i used to watch this movie everyday when i was a kid. the music in the movie is...& my dude eddie king jr.
  20. eashawty

    Studio Movie Grill

    who all has been there? i got one of my mississippi chicks comin thru in a week & im tryna see if i should take her there. its a movie theater were they serve u food in the theater. i need sum reviews tho so if any of yall know wats up, let me know sumthin
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