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  1. lifelessons


  2. lifelessons

    So Like Umm....

    i'm going to hell......#*$@ got tears rolling out my eyes
  3. lifelessons

    Official Clemson vs. Georgia Tech Game Thread; Live from Bobby Dodd.

    sorta leaning on betting on yall....who knows...
  4. lifelessons

    Michael Jordan Day on NBA TV.

    yall see this? ......Mike throwing a football 65 yards
  5. lifelessons

    Stuttering 7th Rd NFL Player vol. likeaum

    can't laugh at something like that......hopefully he can get some help to control his triggers....
  6. lifelessons

    True Life: My Marriage Is Ending

    i probably would've snapped....
  7. lifelessons

    * (Video) Jay-Z Grammy Family Freestyle *

    still got this *+$! on my computer
  8. lifelessons

    The 10 Hottest Hip-Hop Wifeys

  9. lifelessons

    NT, Who's you're e-crush? Vol. Can I Borrow You?

    ....saw someone mention mad libs on twitter...had to check it out....funny stuff though
  10. lifelessons

    NT, Who's you're e-crush? Vol. Can I Borrow You?

    yo the mad libs was funny.......hahaha...i got a good laugh from that...+1 for creativity
  11. lifelessons

    **HBO Hard Knocks...Cincinnati Bengals....Tonight 8/12 @10pm**

    espn used to have the show that followed the clippers .......pressley wife/gf is cute....
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