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  1. kidfly sniperelite007

    NT.. Are these kids gunna do IT.. Please OPEN

    Soo what's up NT.. I'll cut right to the chase so in 1 st per. Yesterday I hear a bunch of cops running Dow the hall.. Maybe 10 to 15 and they pull this kid out of class.. The kid ends up having 2 guns (glocks) and a Hitlist.. (my name was on it) I never really did anything to the dude.. Soo...
  2. kidfly sniperelite007

    Can fish give birth??? Vid

  3. kidfly sniperelite007

    NT.. Its CATURDAY!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYY

    see more Lolcats and funny pictures
  4. kidfly sniperelite007

    PYM... Vol. Post Your Movies

    Just post your VIDEOS
  5. kidfly sniperelite007

    NT Detectives.. Who is this Chick

    And for the AVY can i ge tKF7 at the bottom plz.. Thanks
  6. kidfly sniperelite007

    Oh I heard you had something racist to say..

    Smh.. Makes me wonder if members of 4chan are invading us.. Smh at the mods letting that "S" word thread go on and no bans
  7. kidfly sniperelite007

    NT.. I'm trying to get tagged pics of ol girl

    And trust me she is cute. But she won't do it unless I tell her wat NT is.. What should I tell her
  8. kidfly sniperelite007

    NT.. I'm bored at home what to do

    What should I do guys.. Something entertaining
  9. kidfly sniperelite007

    NT: I need help vol. DATE.. PICS PICS PICS pg. 1

    Ok NT soo I made plans this weekend with a girl at my school but I have no clue what to do.. I need your help asap.. I have until Friday morning.. Please.. Possible "S" and J Dilla you are a funny guy no ayo
  10. kidfly sniperelite007

    Official Young Directors thread vol.1

    Soo i consider myself has a young director.. And i would like to see what other NTers film.. I have an assignment by the way.. I have to make a satire.. Not sure what to do it on.. sooo any suggestions.. Post your MOVIES also
  11. kidfly sniperelite007

    NT.. Who's your pick

    I'm going with those Saints.. No Mayor though
  12. kidfly sniperelite007

    NT.. Who's your pick

    I'm going with those Saints.. No Mayor though
  13. kidfly sniperelite007

    Where can I find somebody do make a Flash Animation for me? NT help

    Try Thats where i got mine off of
  14. kidfly sniperelite007

    Turning Myself In @ 2 pm

    Good Luck fam
  15. kidfly sniperelite007

    Oh i heard you freestyle!

    Just me messing around... My mess is Horrible.. Just look Hold up.. Vid is comin in my next post
  16. kidfly sniperelite007

    Official Post your VIDEOS

    Post videos of you off youtube.. Hers mine
  17. kidfly sniperelite007

    Ummm Rebirth of AUTOTUNE

    Just some of me and my friends messin around with Autotune.. I'm not on this track but i will be in different songs. So what u guys think.. I couldcareless of the criticism
  18. kidfly sniperelite007

    Dom Kennedy Freestyle
  19. kidfly sniperelite007

    Any heard of this website..
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