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  1. air kalo

    "Black Is Beautiful!" - A Tribute to Black Music.

    It's a dedication to black culture and music, specifically from the late 60's to early 80's. No lyrics, all instruments were played by me, and I engineered everything. Let me know what you guys think! " (also streaming everywhere else music is available)
  2. air kalo

    Spiz'ike Midsole Cracking?

    As we all know the Spiz'ike has the same midsole as the III's... Just was wondering if anybody's had a pair of their Spiz'ikes crack/peel on them yet? I want a pair, but if the sole is gonna crack up on me I'm not copping.
  3. air kalo

    The Pack Appreciation Thread Vol. Booty Bounce Bopper

    Meh, why not?
  4. air kalo

    >>DOM. KENNEDY-"Best After Bobby" Thread! Vol. It's Here!

    Download link...
  5. air kalo

    >> The Curren$y x Wiz Khalifa "How Fly" Mixtape Thread

    I saw a lot of threads talking about the tape�in here so I decided to finally make an official one.
  6. air kalo

    NT... School me on Waka Flocka Flame

    Who is this cat? I just heard his song "Damn" w/ Juiceman and that %%*+ was As far as I know dude is just some crazy "beat yo *@+" type dude who hangs with Gucci and now raps. I also heard something about him shooting somebody for Gucci or something like that. Can somebody fill me in?
  7. air kalo

    Best Non-Album Kanye Tracks?

    IYO, what are the best songs by Kanye that didn't make one of his albums? I like: Bittersweet Poetry We Can Make It Better Home ... I can't think of any more
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