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  1. robgotti

    HELP!!! 01-18-09....brace yourself.....lebron commercial??? HELP!!!

    Has anyone seen this commercial? It's the back of what me and my roomates thought was lebrons head. Then it said, 01-18-09 and said brace yourself. Doeslebron have a new shoe coming out that day or what??? Maybe this is a stupid question, but if anyone knows id appreciate some incite. sorry...
  2. robgotti

    robgotti's collection....take a peak....feel free to leave feedback positive or negative

    Well as any of you know a collection like this takes a lot of time and work especially when all your shoes are in boxes. I, myself am not very happy with thephotos i took after i put them on the computer. I think i just was sick of it after the set up and was ready to be done, any of you that...
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