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  1. obeahmyal7

    DEFAULT...Student Loans

    Kanye raised all kinds of valid critiques about pursuing higher education on "College Dropout."  But me and so many others went to college. And now I owe over $70K. I have no regrets. But now I'm thinking strategy: What would it mean to repudiate my student loans?  Peep this op-ed in today's...
  2. obeahmyal7

    UCLA, Race, and "Merit"

    Any one still willing to debate the existence of a "post-racial" America?    Cliff Notes - Stokes, a Jr. at UCLA, and a handful of black male undergrads highlight disparities in UCLA black male enrollment.  - Black men make up 3.3% of UCLA's male student population, of which 65%...
  3. obeahmyal7

    Google, Privacy, & Imperialism

    Peace... Wanted to share an op-ed in Sunday's NYT by Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, and dare I say, political prisoner currently "living"  in the Ecudoarian Embassy in the UK. The bold font obvious reflects my subjective assessment of what's important. You might read it for yourself. ...
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