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  1. king sosa 18

    Afrobeat appreciation

    Not as good as african giant but still a solid drop
  2. king sosa 18

    HANNA new amazon series Season 2 july 3rd 2020

    Just finished S2 not as good as the first but still enjoyable. Did they ever explain why all the utrax operatives are female?
  3. king sosa 18

    The Walking Dead - Official Thread

    This was by far one of the worst episodes in the series entirety.
  4. king sosa 18

    Amazon Prime: "Vikings" S6 *The Final 10 Episodes*...Premieres on Wednesday, December 30, 2020...

    Aside from the hvisterik storyline this season has been good thus far. Wonder if they're going to reveal if Floki is still alive or not?
  5. king sosa 18

    HBO: "Watchmen"...Season 1 Discussion...Season 2 Up in the Air... :)

    Just when you thought this show couldn't get better
  6. king sosa 18

    HBO: "Watchmen"...Season 1 Discussion...Season 2 Up in the Air... :)

    If dr. Manhattan has been living in Tulsa and doesn't receive the phone calls from those booths, who dropped Angela's car in front of laurie?
  7. king sosa 18

    HBO: "Watchmen"...Season 1 Discussion...Season 2 Up in the Air... :)

    Each episode is better than the last
  8. king sosa 18

    Official FUTURE A1/FBG Thread

    No love for solo? My favorite track off the album.
  9. king sosa 18

    2017 Tax Season and Return Thread Vol. Tax Podcast Mixed In?

    Shouts to @NyDunkhead for helping me file my taxes this year. If anyone is located on long island and needs assistance with their return. I would suggest going to him.
  10. king sosa 18

    Official FUTURE A1/FBG Thread

    Favorite song so far
  11. king sosa 18


    Favorite song on the tape.
  12. king sosa 18

    Travis Scott Thread: ("The Scotts" OUT NOW!)

    Who's the singer on that record?
  13. king sosa 18

    This should spark some photoshops

  14. king sosa 18

    I saw Drake today.

  15. king sosa 18

    The Bridge on FX....Season 2 - Jubilex

    ^ nah it was charlotte.
  16. king sosa 18

    *UPDATE 6/27/15*.......Legend of Korra OFFICIAL THREAD..........MIGHT BE GETTING A NEW AIRBENDER SER

    I wonder why is was difficult for them to capture zaheer the first time, considering he wasn't a airbender then.
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