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  1. a100o

    WTB Jordan XI gold eyelets DMP sz 11

    Looking for the DMP pack or just XI with the gold Jordan letters on the eyelets [lace hole loops) similar to the new jubilee release. Sz 11 please lmk
  2. a100o

    Delete please

    Looking for a reasonable price. Considering a 10.5 for trades. I do have heat in sz 11. Message me
  3. a100o

    LC check Off white x Jordan Chicago 1's

    I hope everyone is doing well. There are some things that bother me about a pair I'm inquiring about at a local shop. Can anyone help? -The off white stamp looks a bit off...too bold and too streaky as well as positioning IMO , never seen that type of sz sticker on the insoles, the wings flaps...
  4. a100o

    OW x Jordan 4 ds sz 11.5m for trade

    I really like the shoes and not in a rush to let them go. I will consider trading for the New Beginnings pack sz 11.5 or even sz 11. Lmk
  5. a100o

    WTB: 1994 JORDAN 1 retro card

    Looking for a 1994 jordan 1 retro card to go with my 1994 bred 1s. I would like to display the card with the box and shoes. Any condition will do.
  6. a100o

    Anyone ever find mice droppings in their shoe box

    I recently acquired a favorite shoe of mine black toe 1s from a buy, sell, trade shop. I've had mostly good experiences trading up and selling back at most shops I associate with. A spot I've been too before had the pair I was looking for. Anyway long story short I get home and take the shoes...
  7. a100o

    Wanted: Chicago Air Jordan 1 sz 11 new or lightly worn

    I hope everyone is doing well and enjoyed the last dance documentary. I'm hoping there are still some chance of me finding a Chicago 1 sz 11 new or used for a reasonable price. I am not looking to pay goat or stockX prices. I will pay a good amount or trade possibly. Hmu 201-290-8043
  8. a100o

    WTB: Chicago Jordan 1 sz 11.5

    Looking for a sz 11.5 Chicago Jordan 1 Ds or NDS. I got some heat to trade and cash or will buy straight up for the right price. Message me or hmu 201-290-8043
  9. a100o

    WTB: NIKE-FIT/Dri-Fit Bulls alternate Jordan Jersey

    Looking for the black nike-fit dri fit bulls alternate Jordan Authentic jersey. Preferably no snags or flaws sz 44-52. Preferably sz 48. Please message me.
  10. a100o

    Wanted: Levi x Air Jordan 4 sz 11 DS or VNDS

    I am looking for Levi x Jordan 4s for a reasonable price. Looking for blank tags but either or is acceptable.
  11. a100o

    Please help LC off white x jordan 1

    I have been recently searching for a sz 11. Found a pair. I asked for detailed and tagged pics but these are it for the mean time. Any help greatly appreciated. Is there a round two in LA or near and is it legit?
  12. a100o

    Yeezy 350 v2 Belugas STILL FOR SALE

    Ds beluga yeezy 350 v2 sz 11. 455 PayPal ready buyers only. 455
  13. a100o

    Yeezy 350 v2 Creams

    Ds cream Adidas yeezy boost 350 v2 sz 11 May consider trades for sz 10 if local. Really looking for 455 and PayPal ready buyers only. Still in footlocker bag with receipt. 455
  14. a100o

    Legit Check: Off white x Jordan I

    Looking to purchase a pair. The guy told me he has two from Nike. One Madrid Niketown? And nike online. Seems legit but some stitching looks iffy and box tag has no price tag? Any help appreciated.
  15. a100o

    WTT: Multiple ds yeezys 2.0 for your ds OW X Jordan 1 sz 11 or 11.5 NJ/NYC

    How's it going? I've been recently highly interested in the off white x air Jordan 1s. I have multiple yeezys 2.0 ds sz 11 from footlocker. If your interested in a trade hmu.
  16. a100o

    WTB: Rocafella extras (pin, bag, shirt, laces, and lanyard) from 125 HOH

    I'm a huge ROC fan and heard and seen about the extras that were given out during the release at 125 HOH. If anyone has them for sale please message me.
  17. a100o

    WTB: Mag p90 fps gun controller ps4

    How's it going everyone? I am looking for a 3rd generation Mag p90 video game gun controller. I am looking for the models with 3 motors and the lithium ion battery. I believe they made the 1st and 3rd generation models with those specs. If you have one near brand new or know someone or some...
  18. a100o

    Help LC Nike Air Jordan Chicago 1 sz 11.5

    I don't mean to keep bothering the forum but a few second opinions would be much appreciated.
  19. a100o

    AJ Chicago 1 sz 11.5 LC please

    Sz 11.5 will try to get tag and box pics. Any help is appreciated. Is it just my luck or the quality isn't all that? Only seem two authentic pairs in person and wasn't very impressed...I need an authentic pair please help.
  20. a100o

    Is twstfrsh legit? Please help with LC Chi 1 check

    Please help asap looking to purchase today. Much appreciated
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