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  1. ballhog13

    Official:2009 Fantasy Baseball Thread

    keeper question rank these OF 1-3 for next year? Granderson .248, 27 hr, 62 rbi, 83 r, 20 sb Adam Jones .277, 19 hr, 70 rbi, 83 r, 10 sb (season ended 2 weeks ago) Werth .266, 33 hr, 84 rbi, 88 r, 13 sb All 3 players are very streaky...I want to run with Granderson but his BA is killing me...
  2. ballhog13

    ***The Official Chargers @ Raiders thread 9/14 Vol MNF***

  3. ballhog13

    Official .. USC vs. Ohio State...vol. Redemption or more of the same....

    i almost thought u were serious until i saw ur score prediction
  4. ballhog13

    Do you see ur girl every single day?

    i see my girl prolly 6 days / week usually its not for very long, maybe we'll 'chill' for little bit before sleep i love her but sometimes i want to see her less, but i cant tell her that w/o thinking something is wrong
  5. ballhog13

    Stay/get back in shape...Vol: Motivation

    i'll do forearms once in a blue moon whats wrong w/ "arm day" u could have a 7 day split like this - chest/back/rest/shoulders/legs/arms/rest or something
  6. ballhog13

    Serious question about ***/asian/ etc influences culture in american society

    You mentioned african american culture(hip hop) influencing amercan culture ... how about the impact asian culture has had on the black community and hip hop.not just wu tang but buku dudes in the black community love kung fu/martial arts movies. martial arts in itself has had a great impact on...
  7. ballhog13

    FEMALE NTers.. serious QUESTION

    females can have guy best friends in general these guys are homosexual or are very, very lame (usually they dont realize it)
  8. ballhog13

    So Like Umm....

  9. ballhog13

    The season is a bust if... vol find your team

    So the Heat season will definitely be a bust I see...
  10. ballhog13

    R.I.P. Pimp C

    RIP Pimp... we miss u
  11. ballhog13


    why u post a IMAX size pic of some ugly broad
  12. ballhog13

    Kathryn is listed as single. 2:33am - Comment

    I think she's sexy as hell. Where u at? I wanna go in
  13. ballhog13


    jc is that dude hope he likes the bay... close to home
  14. ballhog13

    NT, whats on your Christmas wishlist?

    i haven't gotten anything for xmas since i was a kid but i'm gonna try to save up to go on a snowboard trip
  15. ballhog13

    RealTalk, whats your condom success rate.......... Vol Pills are expensive.

    i never had problems w/ trojans. i like lifestyles too. i broke a few durex's and have avoided them ever since... never used a magnum
  16. ballhog13

    New Edition to my Crib (pix)

    damn. "Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, and Mike!" ... ralph
  17. ballhog13

    New Edition to my Crib (pix)

    "baron" couple months old
  18. ballhog13

    One of my proudest achievements...NT, I present you with Beer Wall

    typo??? that is dope though
  19. ballhog13

    Real talk, NT would you date a CUTE chubby chick?

    i'm sorry but how is ANYONE giving this female a pass?!?!? no amount of alcohol could get me to drop this low
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