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  1. coolgraymemo

    Fousey's "The Suicide Experiment"

    Made me tear up.
  2. coolgraymemo

    Fousey's new series (?): The Reign of Simba

    Can't even hate on that YouTube money. Good to see a NT'er making a name for himself.
  3. coolgraymemo

    Fousey's Yoga Pants Prank

    :lol Not sure if repost.
  4. coolgraymemo

    FS: Air Jordan XX3 23 Chicago 9 - $105 shipped

  5. coolgraymemo

    Valley High Alumni?

    Who remembers Sean?  For those of you that don't know:
  6. coolgraymemo

    Legal Help: Which estimate to use?

    There are some smart people on NT that can help me.  We're going to court for a small claims sue. We have three estimates for the work needed ($1500, $1800, and $3500).  The defendant wants to make a deal outside the court for the $1500 estimate.  I always thought they should pay the "middle"...
  7. coolgraymemo

    Price Check - Chicago 23's

    Is $100 too much or too little for these? Size 9.  I would consider them NDS (worn about ten times).  Light creasing from the factory. No yellowing.  OG box and hang-tag included.  Still look really clean. Thanks!
  8. coolgraymemo

    Post your Printer

    The current printer I have (Epson) is starting to get on my nerves. What I need: - < $150 - Be able to scan and copy - Be able to print without color ink cartridges. What I don't need: - LCD screen - "Fancy-ness" - Color - No need for high def. stuff. It will just be used for documents...
  9. coolgraymemo

    Pretty cool video

    If my friend gets the most views on this video he'll get a pretty nice price. Please watch and share on Facebook. Appreciate it... Thanks!
  10. coolgraymemo

    What should we do?

    So, we've lived in the same house for ten or more years. When we bought it, there was an empty lot behind it. About five years ago they built a Uhaul office and used the lot as the truck parking.  The owners of the Uhaul made a barbed wire fence that runs parallel to ours. Ever since the lot...
  11. coolgraymemo

    PC: DS Chicago XX3's in a size 9

    What is the going price for these? Can't really find any info. Thanks!
  12. coolgraymemo

    Who's not going to "Black Friday?"

    I'm not. Just kickin' it with my parents. 
  13. coolgraymemo

    Having annoying family visiting - Unappreciation

    So some of my dad's relatives came to visit today. They brought their annoying little kids too.  They haven't came to visit in about five years - they recently bought a Escalade and came to show it off . I'm just locked in my room doing nothing. I would rather be here then having to hear those...
  14. coolgraymemo

    Can I get a favor? (Previously, Let's discuss the current UC Campus strikes)

    Full riot gear + pepper spray on protesters.
  15. coolgraymemo

    Today is my birthday...

  16. coolgraymemo

    PC: Used Powder 10's

    They are used.  Size 9. No insole. Is $160 good?  How much should I pay for the Chicago's?
  17. coolgraymemo

    Got a little scurred tonight

    Background: My mom has been looking for a car for a while. Earlier today, we found a clean 2003 Acura TL S-Type for a really good price. My mom spoke to the seller a little bit and he told her that he would show the car after work. He said he would show it around nine at night. We get a call...
  18. coolgraymemo

    PC: Military Blue 4's

    What's up, Came across these. Kinda want them since I can't fit my old pair anymore. Supposedly NDS. Only minor cracks on the sole [paint cracks on blue paint]. They look good in the pictures, so how much should I pay for them. Thanks! 
  19. coolgraymemo

    Sacramento/Team 916 Chat Thread?

    Who's in Team 916 now?
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