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  1. ripfan8i6

    Morgan Webb Appreciation

  2. ripfan8i6

    Cat in the Shower

  3. ripfan8i6

    Post a funny youtube comment.

    The fifth comment from the top
  4. ripfan8i6

    Why the hell doesn't Hank Hill use steak sauce?

    The only steak I've eaten that didn't need sauce were some bacon wrapped ones and kobe steak. How does he do it?
  5. ripfan8i6

    NT who wants to play Halo 3?

    Suggestions on gametype, map, etc? my GT: IAMTHEMEDICINE
  6. ripfan8i6

    Anyone know how to take a Halo 3 file share and transfer it onto youtube?

    I have a vid of a 38-kill game I want to put on youtube Link to the File Share
  7. ripfan8i6

    Mods I demand Seeing Sounds Be Banned

    Silly request I know but I can't stand that troll. He = Sam turner aka martian face aka no bass in my voice aka i need parental supervision. dude's supposed to be banned. the only reason I made this thread is cus he sent me a pm containing a gif of a porno where some dude pulled his penis...
  8. ripfan8i6

    Yo dawg I heard you like spoilers

    lame nt'ers killed teams. period.
  9. ripfan8i6

    Why females shouldn't operate heavy machinery

  10. ripfan8i6

    Sam Turner I see you

  11. ripfan8i6

    Seriously would you ever consider wearing a vest like this?

    I just think it looks really good with a black or white undershirt, short or long sleeved (minus the gloves and wristbands of course) thought/opinons?
  12. ripfan8i6

    I got this idea from watching the Venture Brothers, how did the smurfs reproduce?

    there was only one female doesn't make any sense, unless she laid eggs thoughts?
  13. ripfan8i6

    Does anyone else find this commercial weird?

    first time I saw it I was like then�
  14. ripfan8i6

    The 2010 Shelby Mustang GT500 is nice

    This is my Aunts husbands car. He bought it custom for 52k cash and just got it last week. I've never really liked the newer Mustangs but this is so clean
  15. ripfan8i6

    Yo so these chicks got mad at me over a youtube comment...

    I was commented "very lame" because of a comment I left in a vid which was "fat +!% skinny +!%" but here is the vid. that fat chick wanna be twerk team girls their youtube channel
  16. ripfan8i6

    Slam dunk FAIL

    I would kill myself if I was him I know it's been posted
  17. ripfan8i6

    Getting killed by teammates in Halo on xbox live unnapreciation

    Today like 5 times I was killed after getting a good weapon from the start of a game One game I grabbed the 50cal sniper (call it whatever) and one of my team-mates started shooting me so Iran. He followed me for like a minute until he killed me for the gun. Seriously WTH!?!?!
  18. ripfan8i6

    So I'm sitting here watching Inuyasha and....

    I'm thinking as I hearin all this "Oh I love you Inuyasha from" Kagome and my question is. did he ever even smash?
  19. ripfan8i6

    Say I wanna start a photoshop thread, where would I start it?

    My first guess would be sneaker art but it's got nothing to do with sneakers. Just random photoshops of people, places, etc. where should I put it?
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