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  1. mrmayface

    I'll Be In NYC Saturday

    The wife and I are gonna be in NYC on Saturday. Can someone give me some must hit sneaker spots that I must hit. I already have an appointment at Nike Townto make some ID's. I know about Supreme, FCNY, and Premium Goods, but I'm drawing a blank on everything else. Can yall help out?
  2. mrmayface

    Anyone Have Info on this Terminator Hybrid

    Has anyone seen this in stores yet, or know if its still dropping?
  3. mrmayface

    Can Someone Plese List the Spots in Austin

    I know about Motive 807. But what other spots does the city have to offer?
  4. mrmayface

    Any Sneaker Spots in Shreveport LA?

    I'm going out to Shreveport this weekend and wanted to know if I could find any sneaker spots there. Even spots that might carry SB's. Thanks
  5. mrmayface

    Going to Pittsburg this Weekend!

    Are there any sneaker spots in Pittsburg with urban accounts? I'm looking for some exclusives kicks. 95 Air Max, Hybrids, things that I cant find inFootlocker. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks
  6. mrmayface

    Looking for Supra Skytops in Dallas

    I'm in Dallas this weekend, and wanted to know where could I go to find some Supra Skytops! Thanks
  7. mrmayface

    Looking for Supra Skytops In Houston

    What up folks. I got turned on to the Supra Skytops yesterday and now I really want a pair. Does anyone know where I can find a size 10 in Houston? I've tried SF2, Shannons, and Alleycats. Thanks
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