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  1. wallyhopp

    Bo Jackson's TRAINER SC HIGH White/grey/LIGHTNING set to release July '11

    Spotted this over at @
  2. wallyhopp

    What's it gonna take to see a GR AT1 Chlorophyll retro? (25th anniv. is upon us)

    So many people want them yet so few can obtain them. It's a shoe that is seemingly on everyone's top _ _ shoe list. Did the 2002 limited run curb a dent in demand? What about the 2008 LE run or the 2009 legacy pack/small FSR in the states at one shop. The last true GR, 10 years ago. Average...
  3. wallyhopp

    50 "cross trainers" that need to be retroed. Get to work Nike

    With current retro OG colorway releases like the: -Air Trainer III Medicine ball & Auburn SC Trainer High in 2009 -Freshwater& Volt Griffey 1, two Carnivore c/w's, two diamond turf I deion sanders, and two air trainer max 91 og c/w's in 2010 and for 2011: the trainer huarache black/greys, nomo...
  4. wallyhopp

    Fall 2011 Sportswear Cross Training Scans- Bo SC II OG C/W, Griffey jr & II, & Trainer Max (94&97)

    From a reliable source ----------------- Quick first impressions: I've been telling some other guys. You take the good with the bad here. -Trainer Max 2 '94: The white/ colorway is interesting. It's not a OG colorway persay. But if you look at the catalogs for that era, there is...
  5. wallyhopp

    Fans of Seinfeld- ENTER.. You won't be disappointed

    Most of ya'll knew Jerry for the random heat he had on during the shows run. Well... Here it is in its entirety. From the random shoe sightings of Kramer, to the predictibility of George, this pretty much covers everything. Theres a few duplicates in there. Im guessing some of their favorites...
  6. wallyhopp

    Remeber the History Of Air? ...well why couldn't Nike do it with cross trainers?

    After a long debate with myself, I kept the same formula that Nike used on its HOA project for its running shoes. -7 models spanning almost 20 years worth of products I present: NIKE HISTORY OF AIR (TRAINERS)... A proposal -Purely speculative of course, I spent many free hours thinking to...
  7. wallyhopp

    Another Nike Hybrid- This time the SC II 3/4 goes down- NIKE AUTO FORCE TRAINER (2010 release)

    Big thanks to jshortt. Back around the end of the year he showed us these. I thought for a sec. that I should let them die off with the thread they were posted in, but felt it was important to show just what Nike is doing. Consider me to be some sort of advocate for abuse. I won't stand for it...
  8. wallyhopp

    NEW TRAINER SC HIGH WHITE-NAVY early april- WHITE/'infra'REDS Coming Early JUNE

    Spotted in some catalog scans months back slated for a Summer 2010 release: However that 'auction site' has a listing preparing for a LATE MARCH/ EARLY APRIL release of the white navy colorway They look to be a navy accent color although catalog photos can change from then to final product...
  9. wallyhopp

    5 years on NT- Backups for Days- Sacrificing Variety since day 1 - My Story

    It's been a long fun journey hanging around here. I could talk for days but I'll keep it short.. -never grew up around jordans or nikes. lived a typical childhood.. fast forward 20 years.... -Early 2005, I was on a quest for an all purpose shoe ie cross trainer. During the early 2005 calendar...
  10. wallyhopp

    A Family Gathering- happens once a year (09/03/09)

    An event that takes way too long but likely happens once a year. How's everyone doing... I've come along way since beginning things going on five years this coming January. Here's what I started with many years back: 2005: -Your core nike air trainer models, featuring 3 2004-2005 retro...
  11. wallyhopp

    Nike debuts New Air Trainer 1- Set to release 7/1/2009 (aka the manny trainers)

    Source: Nike Debuts the Nike Trainer 1 - Its Most Versatile Training Shoe for Today's AthletesNike Athletes Fitzgerald, Peterson, Polamalu, Clay, Stoudemire, Roy and Top...
  12. wallyhopp

    Nike...eeer JDsports finally doing something right: Air Trainer 1's white/grey/black/blue I'm guessing synthetic suede and synthetic leather like the 08s but the colorway is . Highly unobtainable for an american like myself
  13. wallyhopp

    How OD are walmart locations around your way?

    I just have to laugh at this fact. A new walmart near my house is in the works, only 2 miles between TWO other walmarts on the same roads. It's justsickening. Apparently the land was zoned back in 1990 for commerical use and its technically legal for them even though itll be wedged between...
  14. wallyhopp

    AIR TRAINER III's set to release for 2009: 7 colorways (updated 4/06/09)

    I didn't see all this info compiled in one place so I thought I'd do so here. First up is some stuff that is on many web retailers right now. check your local spots. Spring 09: 679066-002 679066-081 679066-003 ---------------------------------------------------------- Summer 09...
  15. wallyhopp

    History Lesson: Air Trainer "sc" III Retro: Photographic Tour

    Originially named the Air Trainer SC. This shoe released in the late 1980s to early 90s in three fairly similiar colorways. Each one had a white base as shownbelow: Much like the air trainer 1s, the retros didn't begin production until 2000. The first retro was in 2000 with the limited run of...
  16. wallyhopp

    46 months of Collection Evolution Unveiled (updated 10/27/08)Tour x History Lesson pg1

    I started this thread back in June of 2007 with some evolutionary photos of my collection, starting back to 2005, with incremental increases in my collectionsize. Now yall can take this short evolutionary trek from where I started some 40 months ago and where I am now. -------------------------...
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