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  1. luckyluchiano

    Trading in Paid off whip for a Used Hybrid

    So I have a 2015 whip that is paid off, and city driving is killing my MPG. Thinking about trading it in for a Hybrid Avalon from the same yr (they seem to go for 20-25k or less). My thought is if I can get something for 20 or under and can get 13-14k on my trade in that it may be the move...
  2. luckyluchiano

    Anyone ever been to the LA Auto Show?

    Planning on buying tickets, are the lines usually insanely long? How long does it take to get in? I`m asking because I`m trying to see if I`d need to get there OD early to still have time to do stuff I have planned in the evening.
  3. luckyluchiano

    San Fran Brehs, what are must do things to do in your city in July?

    Going in July need to know: 1.Best Burger in SF 2.Best Chinese Food in SF 3.Best general Foodie Spots to go to. 4.Good things to do around the city that are not Clubs. Will be me and my girl. Not looking to party and I don't drink so just looking for good eats and chill things to do.
  4. luckyluchiano

    is Ebay my best bet to sell old sneakers?

    Most of the sneaker sites I see seem to be catered towards new DS shoes. I`m trying to down size as I dont wear 80% of my sneakers. I've only sold electronics on Ebay so is there any tips for used sneakers? I`m hesitant because I dont want to waste time putting all these kicks on Ebay only for...
  5. luckyluchiano

    Anyone have ADT Pulse Home Alarm System?

    How much are you paying and what package do you have? It seems cool but I dont like the idea of being on contract.
  6. luckyluchiano

    What reason would a Caucasian UberEats Driver refuse to deliver to a Predominately Black neighborhoo

    So I place an UberEats order about an hour and a half ago, keep in mind I've used the service well over 10 times (maybe close to 20). So I wait an close to an hour for my meal, and then the UberEats driver calls me saying "hey I`m at a church parking lot, meet me for your food" I state "I...
  7. luckyluchiano

    Anyone have a surface pro 4?

    Thinking about selling my macbook air to get one for travel and maybe even use at work. I see a great deal right now but i assume the 5 is around the corner. You guys enjoy yours?
  8. luckyluchiano

    Thinking about visiting Spain next summer. Advice?

    I see tickets to Madrid and Barcelona are similar price. I know Barcelona is by the water while Madrid is more urban. Which spot is better in you guys opinion? I dont care about partying or clubs. What are some must do things? I assume both cities wont be too dififcult to move around in for...
  9. luckyluchiano

    Anyone cop/copping the Google Home or Chrome Cast Ultra?

    I got a Bestbuy gift card. The Ultra seems dope BUT most of the stuff I cast (pretty much none of it) is in 4K. The Google Home I hear cant stand next to the Amazon joint, and it doesnt even work as a stand alone speaker. smh
  10. luckyluchiano

    Quick! Can Coupon Codes be stacked?

    8o I got like three of them thangs 8o
  11. luckyluchiano

    NYC Brehs, whats the BEST Burger in NYC? vol. Don't say Shake Shack?

    Making the trip, trying to get a list of spots, and one has to be a burger joint, so what is the best in the city? I`m seeing mixed reviews on Top list. Some say Spotted Pig some say that Bowery spot.
  12. luckyluchiano

    Cheap Bluetooth Speakers from Amazon vs $100-200+ "Name Brand Ones"

    Are the name brand joints worth it? Looking for something to use in the shower and when I`m cutting hair.
  13. luckyluchiano

    Top "Foodie" Spots in San Francisco?

    Going to San Fran what are you guys top foodie spots? Trying to compile a list of 5 or 6 spots to hit up. included in those I`d like to know what is the best Burger in San Fran? Don't say In n Out or Shake Shack. Thanks
  14. luckyluchiano

    Best Banks that Reimburse ATM Fees?

    Can you guys recommend one? My girl uses PNC and I see they do it but trying to see what other options/who is the best from actual people who use it as google searches typically give results for sponsored reviews. I currently have BOA and it gets annoying when you travel to a state that barely...
  15. luckyluchiano

    Any brehs have a Blog they have monetized? I need help

    I have a Wordpress Page, and I have an IG in which I want to automate Posts from IG creating WordPress Post. In doing that I assume I will also need a Twitter and a Facebook in which to have post automate too also? Can you all point me to the best tools? And also explain the how to pop off the...
  16. luckyluchiano

    Best Foodie spots in Las Vegas?

    Going to Vegas in a few weeks, so I`m looking for some unbiased recommendations on best places to go to. Going to be there for 3 full days (not counting the travel days). What spots do I need to hit? I want to hit 2 places a day (Lunch and Dinner), but one of the 3 days I plan on going to a...
  17. luckyluchiano

    Anyone use NAS (Network Attached Storage) in their home?

    I hear NAS is more efficient than simply hooking your Hard drive into a Rotuer via usb. Anyone use this in their home set up? I was looking at WD MyCLoud or Seagates option but I hear they aren't all that good but the ones I have seen others recommend cost upwards to 4-600 bucks and seem more...
  18. luckyluchiano

    New Movie Purge: Election Year July 4th 2016

    Cant Wait!!!! The first sucked, but the 2nd one Purge:Anarchy was a GREAT film with a GREAT message, really excited to see this.
  19. luckyluchiano

    What does NT think of Jacquees? Vol. Alternate dimension Llyod

    His tape is on Live Mixtape, dude can actually sing even though off first glance i thought he was a wayne clone. I think he can be a PROBLEM.
  20. luckyluchiano

    Anyone Buy the whole Gluten Allergy thing?

    I was talking to my boy earlier and he was telling me he went to a Nutritionist and the guy said he had Gluten Allergies. For the longest I just figured this to be just another new hipster fad, but the stuff his doc was saying did make sense. Did a quick search and saw this Common Symptoms Of...
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