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  1. frijo sneaker

    PayPal help. Update!!!!!!!

    So I recently purchased a pair of shoes on eBay. It was delivered today but I’ve been home all day and have Not received it. Mind, I just got my Kyrie 4s from fedex today. How can I get my money back. I contacted the seller and usps. but won’t do nothing at this point cause it shows already...
  2. frijo sneaker


    Anyone know if anybody gonna do the Secret Santa exchange? I know @ecook0808 been doing it for the past years... Been part of it for the past 4 years. I will gladly participate...
  3. frijo sneaker

    When you see it

    Someone has to figure it out. I guess if you cover the top of the pic you will see it. Can't sleep now.
  4. frijo sneaker

    Free Redbull Jig #NTFam

    Suprised no one has posted this and ends today. Midnight. Limit is 15 per transaction (scan 15x barcode) pay deposit only. And can continue to do this numerous of time with multiple transactions. Only at 7-11. Enjoy Fams and happy holidays! Enjoy! Go ham
  5. frijo sneaker

    How to Recover Deleted pics from Android Device! Help!!!!!

    I accidentally Deleted Pictures off my Samsung Galaxy S2, Anyone knows or can help find a way to recover deleted pics? Looked on youtube but failed.... Thanks!
  6. frijo sneaker

    WANTED New balance Salmon sole X RF Size 10.5 or 11

    Niketalk, I am Looking for a pair of New Balance Salmon Sole X RF Vnds Or DS Size 10.5 or 11. Im also able to do trades. Im too legit to quit. Thanks *Usps 2-3 Priority *Double Boxed *Email me or PM at:
  7. frijo sneaker

    "WANTED" Lebron 8 Xmas Size 11

    Im looking to buy Lebron 8 Xmas New or VNDS. Please have a reasonable price. No feebay or Arm/leg Prices. Also can do trades or work something out! I will pay any form of payment if I know you've been here for long time. Im legit as I come. Ask around. So hit me at or...
  8. frijo sneaker

    Is it me or instagram down?

  9. frijo sneaker

    Man Eats Cocaine From Brother's Butt, Dies.... SMH... 8O

    Police: Man Trying To Hide Drug Evidence In Squad Car A South Carolina man's brother died after police said he was forced to eat cocaine hidden in his brother's backside. Both brothers were taken into custody on allegations they had drugs in their car.But police told Charleston, S.C., TV station...
  10. frijo sneaker

    Nike USA Olympic Basketball Pack

    With the 2012 Olympic games taking place in London, Nike is already ahead of the game by bringing back 4 Olympic classics that most us may have remembered growing up. Scottie Pippen’s Nike Air More Uptempo, Charles Barkley’s Nike Air Force 180, Vince Carters Nike Shox BB Pro VC and Carlos...
  11. frijo sneaker

    School me on a Tmobile phone....

    Im currently with T-mobile and looking for the best phone out there with T-mobile. I am temtping to get the new Galaxy S II but not sure yet.... Im bummed out because I missed out on the Black Friday deals.   Should I wait til next year?.... Any deals coming up for christmas or new years?
  12. frijo sneaker

    Doggy Doo

  13. frijo sneaker

    Big Az Burger LOL!!!

  14. frijo sneaker

    Legit check on Nike SB tiffany

    Not into sb's but was wondering if these are legit?
  15. frijo sneaker

    NT fam, Recomend me a scary movie worth watching!!!!

    something based on a true story or something worth being scared and have nightmares!  Examples......... Thanks!
  16. frijo sneaker

    Banana Man! LMAO!!!!!!

  17. frijo sneaker

    Screaming Severed Head Prank! LOL!!!

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