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  1. ogfiend

    Buying a car for the summer?

    Has anyone here ever purchased a car just for the purpose of using during the summer (or any other temporary period of time) and then sold it back? I recently sold my '02 TL and now I'm feeling the need forsomething to drive during the summer (june,july,august) but I know I'll have no use for...
  2. ogfiend

    CDP III/XX for $169.99. Head's Up, NYC

    West 4th and Broadway...that sneaker store that used to be V.I.M, still has the 3/20 cdp pack and its on sale for $169.99. They have very few sizes left,mostly smaller ones. Thought I'd give a heads up to my fellow NYC nt'ers.
  3. ogfiend

    PIC REQUEST Air Max '97 IDs

    So I have a few designs that I want to order from nike id, but I have my doubt about how the kicks will look in real life...If someone can post pics of theirAir Max 97 IDs, it would be much appreciated. I particularly want to see how "bright cactus" looks on the air units.
  4. ogfiend

    Which Jordan do you feel was most advanced for it's time?

    We all know that Jordan was always revolutionary in their designs and always took technology up a notch compared to other sneakers at the time. So which Jordan model do you feel was most advanced or ahead of it's time? I'd go with the 3's Visible air units on basketball shoes were just...
  5. ogfiend

    Post Your PATENT LEATHER Kicks!

    Patent leather, in my opinion, looks amazing if properly executed. It really makes a shoe stand out and well...shine. So lets pay respect to PL and post some nice patent kicks.... TEAMSOVIET TEAM AF-ONE EBAY AUCTIONS!EBAY AUCTIONS!
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