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    Woman finds something crazy in apartment

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    Reparations (Time to cut the check)

    Speaking to “Axios on HBO” in an interview set to air Monday, White House senior adviser Cedric Richmond discussed efforts targeted to helping minority communities “We don’t want to wait on a study. We’re going to start acting now,” he told the outlet. “We have to start breaking down systemic...
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    Age Limit on Clubbin

    How do y’all feel about hittin the club after a certain age? Should people grow up or is it cool for older ****** to continue to be on the scene 30+ ?
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    Black Lives Matter Brought in $90 Million in 2020

    The Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, largely seen as a driving force behind the Black Lives Matter Movement, took in just over $90 million last year, according to a financial snapshot obtained by AP. The organization is reportedly looking to build out its infrastructure to catch...
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    Wyd in this scenario?

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    Black Male Actors & Wearing Dresses

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    40 Hour Work Week

    Is the 40 hour work week enough to get by or get ahead?
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    First Look At New Mortal Kombat Movie

    Mortal Kombat, produced by Todd Garner and Aquaman's James Wan, begins with a crucial piece of lore from the original games: the blood feud between the clans of Hanzo and Bi-Han (Warrior's Joe Taslim). The 10-minute opening sequence kicks off in feudal Japan, long before these fighters wielded...
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    Undecided or Non Voters Would This Get You To Vote?

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    North Carolina city approves "reparations" for Black residents

    ASHEVILLE, N.C. – In an extraordinary move, the Asheville City Council has apologized for the North Carolina city's historic role in slavery, discrimination and denial of basic liberties to Black residents and voted to provide reparations to them and their descendants. The 7-0 vote came the...
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    Fertility rate: 'Jaw-dropping' global crash in children being born

    The world is ill-prepared for the global crash in children being born which is set to have a "jaw-dropping" impact on societies, say researchers. Falling fertility rates mean nearly every country could have shrinking populations by the end of the century. And 23 nations - including Spain and...
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    North Carolina woman who was the last person to receive a Civil War-era pension dies at age 90, WSJ says

    Irene Triplett, daughter of Civil War veteran Mose Triplett, died Sunday in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, according to The Wall Street Journal. She received a pension of $73.13 a month from the Department of Veterans Affairs for her father's service, which began more than 155 years ago...
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    Mandatory Vaccinations

    The homie told me he has to get a COVID test every 10 days or so. That led me thinking on how this could possibly be a way in ushering in mandatory vaccinations going beyond being required for children and school Do y’all believe mandatory vaccinations will be a thing going forward...
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    Ice Cube’s Contract With Black America

    Cube uploaded this earlier today. Anybody read? If so what are your thoughts
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    Jamie Foxx Bulks Up to Play Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson Biopic

    Jamie Foxx is BECOMING Mike Tyson -- he's got the voice down ... and now he's showing off his yoked out body!! Foxx is starring in an upcoming biopic about the boxing legend -- he'll play both young Mike and older Mike. He's been working on the project for years. But...
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    People Spazzin Over Strawberries

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    Accessory Dwelling Units

    Accessory dwelling units, or ADUs—small structures, typically under 1,000 square feet, that are built by homeowners on their properties Would any of y’all cop?
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    Male vs Female Side Hustles

    Just a trend that’s been emerging because of social media for a while now. Women eating off of ********, from being “brand ambassadors” on IG and twitter, YouTube and what not. Has side hustles for men adjusted to the social media climate?
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    The State of Black America & The Coronavirus

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    Coronavirus Relief Checks and Digital Money

    US population over 18 based on a lazy google search is 200 million. So far, those who I understand won’t get the check: 1. Those who didn’t file a tax return in 2018 2. Those on child support 3. Those who receive social security who will not have filed a return in time Even with those...
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