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  1. 23michaeljordan45

    2001 Black Cement 3 Legit Check

    Browsing around last night and came across these. The date does not touch the barcode like believe it should, can someone just confirm for me if these are real or not? Thank you.
  2. 23michaeljordan45

    Get Free $5 Amazon Video on Demand Credit; Twitter Account Required

    Click :
  3. 23michaeljordan45

    Does #NT click the smileys or know the code?

    Aside from the normal    , I know all but about 4-5 that seem like they are never used. So do you use your keyboard or do you go to the smileys list and just click the ones you want?
  4. 23michaeljordan45

    What is everyone getting their parents for Christmas?

    Dad a new computer, either laptop or netbook, his current computer has 512mb of ram, as much as my iPhone 4 But I'm struggling on what to get my Mom
  5. 23michaeljordan45

    Alternative to Tinypic and Twitpic?

    Both of these are running extremely slow and now tinypic has the typing the two words, any good, one click picture uploading and hosting sites? Thanks
  6. 23michaeljordan45

    So the original comment of "Macs can't game" will begin deteriorating tomorrow

    Steam for Mac will release tomorrow with 2 games (Portal and Torchlight being the first titles available)
  7. 23michaeljordan45

    HBD to MilitaryIV

    HBD to my bro, 22 years old today. HBD
  8. 23michaeljordan45

    Help send my friend to Cali to do a commercial

    He's in about 3rd place out of 400 some people.  About 400 out of 2nd, and 800 out of 1st. Competition ends Friday, so if you could, watch this video a few times. Refreshing the browser does not work btw, you have to either hit play again on the youtube player or open a new tab and watch it...
  9. 23michaeljordan45

    Buying/renting texbooks online..?

    Anyone else have any other websites besides to buy or rent textbooks online? I've already got 3 from chegg and saved a nice chunk of money, just looking to save some more if I can find them online versus buying from the bookstore.
  10. 23michaeljordan45

    Recommend my dad a new TV

    Just got off the phone with my pops, told me his TV died last night, and he has been thinking about mounting one for awhile anyway. Downside is that the TV will be near windows, so plasma is out automatically. I found this one from best buy , and it comes with afree Blu-ray player. Price is...
  11. 23michaeljordan45

    UNC vs Kentucky BBall Saturday 12:30 ET

    Go Heels
  12. 23michaeljordan45

    Carrie Underwood appreciation!

  13. 23michaeljordan45

    Driving backroads appreciation just turned to unappreciation

    I can usually drive on backroads without worrying about cops, but today, was my unlucky day. Making great time driving home from college for the 3 dayweekend. And then this happens . $235 out of pocket now
  14. 23michaeljordan45

    What to watch/listen to on airplane?

    I'm flying out Saturday morning, I need to write a paper, but will probably procrastination even more and wait until next week. I'm putting City of God, Step Brothers, and Office Space on my iPhone, good selection? Recommendations for more?
  15. 23michaeljordan45


    Damn, I got gotted....word to Drama.
  16. 23michaeljordan45

    I lost my T-Mobile Blackberry, what do I do now?

    What do I do, I'm online with T-Mobile, currently #42 in line Anyone else that has been in the situation, what do/can I do?
  17. 23michaeljordan45

    What cell phones have you owned?

    First phone Dash broke Unlocked iPhone
  18. 23michaeljordan45

    What is for lunch today NT?

    Just cooked some rice and found some chicken + onions + red peppers in the frige and some teriyaki sauce to pour over the top. This is about to be destroyed before 1 reply Just to tease you all [/spoiler]
  19. 23michaeljordan45

    NT, recommend me a new wireless router

    My current one, D-Link DI-524, makes me reset my modem and the router, it gets annoying fast My current router, if anyone has it, let me know any troubleshooting tips I can do.
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