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  1. mcraptor

    3 teens posted taped sex assaults of girl, 12, on Facebook,0,4873584.story What is going on in this world :{
  2. mcraptor

    How do you guys battle the sweat during summer NT?

    Any tips you guys  have other than deodorant? It's mostly my back that always seems to be drenched while my underarms and face/neck are fine. Does drinking water have to do with it? I've been drinking about 5-6 litres a day since I started working out  
  3. mcraptor

    Stay safe on the roads NT

    If late. Disregard.
  4. mcraptor

    Rollin, Rollin, Rollin Vol. We ain't stopped in weeks

    The owner of the cars should be getting a nice payday though
  5. mcraptor

    Good Christmas Vol. I think I'm Kris Kringle

    2 CENT GOOD CHRISTMAS from Creative Control on Vimeo. Don't know how to embed from Vimeo
  6. mcraptor

    Ear piercing help Vol. Ain't no answers on Yahoo answers

    Alright NT so I got my ears pierced yesterday and now I realise that I don't even want it anymore I mean it dosn't hurt at all and I took it off todayeverything was fine there wasnt any infection, when I tried to sleep yesterday anytime I turned it kept poking me and also I dont even know why I...
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