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  1. addictedtofreshkicks

    Is this dude trying to scheme?

    I'll make this short... >Sold a pair of flyknits on ebay >Shipped them out & provided a tracking number >Then dude messages me with "You forgot to add the apartment number" >So I checked the confirmed shipping address on paypal and there was no mention of an apartment number So now I'm sitting...
  2. addictedtofreshkicks

    Looking for Nike SB 3M Raging Bull deadstock 10.5

    Looking for a pair of DS Nike SB 3M Raging Bulls -Size 10.5 -Paypal Ready
  3. addictedtofreshkicks

    FOR TRADE: JORDAN MARS 4's size 10.5

    Up for trade is a pair of VNDS Jordan Mars 4. Worn only twice, in great condition. Looking for a pair of Nike SB's in return. Will post more photos upon request.
  4. addictedtofreshkicks

    ESPN's "MY WISH" making a comeback

    This Sunday starts a new series of "My Wish" episodes which features DeSean Jackson, Alex Ovechkin, LeBron James, & some others.
  5. addictedtofreshkicks

    MacBook Pro help

    I'm a new Mac user and I think my MacBook Pro may have a virus. What programs do you guys use to get rid of them?
  6. addictedtofreshkicks

    What is your go-to drink? (non-alcoholic)

    Right now mine is...
  7. addictedtofreshkicks

    is there a way to remove a listing from ebay?

    like the title says...
  8. addictedtofreshkicks

    Breaking your phone while being drunk unappreciation

    Nothing more annoying then doing this.... And I know it happens a lot to some people.Now I have to wait a week for a replacement while not being able to hear from anyone.
  9. addictedtofreshkicks

    Applebee's boneless wings > _____________

    That is all
  10. addictedtofreshkicks

    Recommend me some interesting websites

    I'm always checking out the usual NT, sports forums, blogs and whatnot. Is there anything else I'm missing out on? Maybe some websites for music? Fitness? Recommend me pretty much anything.
  11. addictedtofreshkicks

    Victorino gets hit in the head by catcher

    more catchers should do this when they play the Phils
  12. addictedtofreshkicks

    NT, what should I eat right now?

    I'm starving and I have $20. Give me suggestions. (im in NY btw)
  13. addictedtofreshkicks

    Your favorite uniforms in College football

    Post your 3 favs...
  14. addictedtofreshkicks

    Why does Russell Martin's jersey say "J.Martin"?

    This has probably been asked before but I never knew why.
  15. addictedtofreshkicks


    All news & info here... Congrats to the Blackhawks and their fans.
  16. addictedtofreshkicks


    Eastern Conference 1 Washington Capitals VS. 8 Montreal Canadiens 2 New Jersey Devils VS. 7 Philadelphia Flyers 3 Buffalo Sabres VS. 6 Boston Bruins 4 Pittsburgh Penguins VS. 5 Ottawa Senators Western Conference 1 San Jose Sharks VS. 8 Colorado Avalanche 2 Chicago Blackhawks VS. 7 Nashville...
  17. addictedtofreshkicks

    Should I let her know?

    don't do it!
  18. addictedtofreshkicks

    Your theory on how the Pyramids were built?

    I know these threads are a common thing on NT, but it is still interesting to hear some of your theories on topics like these. I personally don't know whatto believe. Some say aliens built them, some say hidden internal ramps were used, etc etc. So NT, what do you believe?
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