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    Jordan IX - Black/White-Citrus - 2010 Release [Pics Included]

    Simple colorway, hopefully the midsole quality is better than the 02 releases
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    Help identifying these Team Jordan's

    Thanks in advance...
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    CNN Article: 'Sneakerheads' pay big bucks for rare kicks : BIG BOI's Shine

    ..enh, I guess CNN must be lacking the resources on content updates.. Just scroll down and read the text in red.
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    Jordan V - Patent Leather Sample - Possible 2009 release?

    Here's a speculated pic of the talked about patent leather V's, possible 2009 release? ... only time can tell! Pic's taken at SneakerCon
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    Pinstripe VII's - Real Sample Pic

    So there have been rumors a pair of pinstripe VII's coming out later this year....these maybe it, can anyone confirm?
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    A Couple Jordan Brand PE's for College's and HighSchool's + BONUS

    Just wanted to share some pics of a finished personal goal to acquire atleast one pair from every single University / College / High School sponsored by JordanBrand. Here are the pics' Enjoy!! Group: Syracuse: Kansas Jayhwaks: St. Johns: Georgetown Hoyas: Cincinnati Bearcats...
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    Jordan Brand All American Classic 2008 - Memorabilia : A Collectors Paradise _ Another Update

    Yup a Jordan pillow, - It was Couch to Kevin Durant.....werd to KD, pic below... - It's definitely very fluffy and cushionable(*)... - Features a cool zipper for storage and replacement.
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    A few Andruw Jones Cleats from 06' and 07' seasons. Still on the hunt for 2 more pairs. Group: AJ III - Home Colorway - 2 different pairs. AJ III - Home Colorway - Baseball Glove Tongue AJ III - Home Colorway - Jumpman Air Tongue AJ III - Away Colorway - Jumpman Tongue...
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    Nike Focus Group - Future Product Opinion-NYC, this weekend!

    Sup Folks, Guys over at Nike, including RockDeep are stopping by in NY this weekend. They have some goodies that they are looking to get some feedback on. We're looking for a diverse group of both Male & Female's, of all ethnic backgrounds in a diverse age group of 15 - 30. Spots are limited...
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    NYC SUMMIT - SEPTEMBER, 22nd 2007 - ESPN ZONE - 1:00 P.M.

    With much planning and discussion from the previous thread, it has finally been decided that the Summit will take place at the ESPN zone on Sept 22nd, 2007, 1:00 P.M. We will meet in front of the ESPN zone between 1:00 P.M. and 1:30 and then proceed inside, if you plan on coming later, make sure...
  12. solesupreme

    Jordan Brand 2008 Spring Releases with PICTURES (Team J's)

    * Releases noted with Launch date of the 1st of the month do not have a confirmed date of release yet, but will release within that month. * You have already heard of some and seen some, so please excuse and enjoy seeing the pics of the ones you haven't. MELO M4 $120 - 317154-071...
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