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  1. xretrojsx

    ORLANDO NT'ers

    Well u go pretty often like u said and I got season tickets section 206..... all I was saying is that dude asked about shoe spots and u was like go to magic game that was funny to me not magic lol :D
  2. xretrojsx

    ORLANDO NT'ers

    This man said go see a magic game lmaoooooooooo that's messed up But what can u say when we are BALLINGGGGGGGG this year
  3. xretrojsx

    any new heat at Kissimmee Nike Clearance Outlets ?!?!?

    when they do get something and u ask them if they got shoes in the back or whatever they be acting like u asking them for blood and @#%$ :rollin
  4. xretrojsx


    why are these monkey @#%$ dudeds blowing up all the spots .....this dude wants to know about all the sopots in world and @#%$
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