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  1. ballhog13

    New Edition to my Crib (pix)

    "baron" couple months old
  2. ballhog13

    how the freak do u shake hands in portland

    :| :| :| no story. lets just say after a stupid hand shake where the other guy and you have no idea what ur doing... leaving a fist out and snappin ur fingers and whatnot....theres no ******eder feeling leaving ur fist out and @#%$ then bring it down when mine aint out then i bring it out...
  3. ballhog13

    being like detlef

    (and nate) new job, just moved from seattle to portland i know nobody in portland and dont know the city for jack @#%$! mainly just tryin to figure out like 2 things.... best pick up games? ill be looking to join a gym, needs a bball court. whats the crackin spots...dope bars/clubs...where...
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