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  1. toast1985

    Ja Rule's finesse of the Century - Fyre Festival

    HMU for tickets... How does this happen in 2017?!
  2. toast1985

    Cutting Your Own Hair Thread 2016 (Post tips, and tricks)

    I know that there are a few popular haircut threads going right now, but I thought that I'd try something new, and hopefully inspire a few others in the process. Some of you may be vets at cutting your own hair, some of you may be on the ledge, and just need that nudge to try it. Me? I've been...
  3. toast1985

    98% Increase in Butt Augmentations in past year. :{ when do we start shaming fake masses as a society?
  4. toast1985

    NT, what's the most romantic thing you've done for your/ a lady? [Mature folks]

    Obviously, this isn't a thread dedicated to some of who you who don't believe in or have experienced romance. But for those of you who've felt compelled to take that extra step to put a smile on her face, what did you do?
  5. toast1985

    No thread regarding #Bringourgirlsback?

    What's NT's take on this? I've known about this since it's occurred. I'm more so concern with the Nigerian Gov't inept attempts to deal with Boko Haram.
  6. toast1985

    All of my 1985 babies. What are you up to today?

    I try and keep a pulse on these type of things, and may seem crazy, but these things tend to fascinate me. I spoke a young lady at my job today., and I had no idea she was an '85 baby. It took me by surprise because I just assumed she was in her early twenties (she's somewhat immature for...
  7. toast1985

    Question, did the internet kill regional distinction?

    I can think back to a time prior to me going to college, I was able to tell people by where they were from. More specifically those w/. urban influences. I knew DC cats by the all black and the brands that they were heavy on. I could tell anyone from the west coast, midwest, and of course NY...
  8. toast1985

    Birthday Ideas

    What's good NT, my b-day is coming up in 19 days, and I'm trying to figure out whats to do. Normally would just chill and not do much, but I have my best friend flying in, and ironically a few more friends that will be in Tampa for my Bday. I'm considering a Party Bus, but I just want something...
  9. toast1985

    Mature Discussion: Let's keep it real...(Women weigh in too)

    I've had a conversation with 3 lady friends recently, and they all told me that they never had an orgasm from intercourse alone. I would simply write this off as BS, but I've been told this quite a few times from women. One of them was really adamant that its a small percentage of women who can...
  10. toast1985

    Help, I heard a song in Banana Republic yesterday..

    And I have no idea of what it is. I only captured the melody. I just got a new phone, and was caught w/o Shazam,,,is there any kind of link to what songs Banana Republic is playing right now on their radio station or something? ..Shot in the dark, I know. Just figured it wouldn't hurt to try.
  11. toast1985

    Anything to help w/ focus?

    NT, Do any of you all take anything to help with your focus? I swear I would be a monster at work if I can stay on task, and not get distracted. I'm the absolute worse when it comes to focusing in general. Any tips or anything is appreciated. Thanks,
  12. toast1985

    NT, Lets talk: Foreign women vs. Domestic chicks

    I've been meaning to have this discussion with some guys who are somewhat versed on this subject for a minute now. I'm half Nigerian/African American myself; my background is all over the place, so to speak. Similar to my background, my experience/ taste w/ women expands domestically, and with...
  13. toast1985

    Mature topic: Dating women that has had bad relationships w/ their father's.

    I've heard from several guys that they will never date a lady that has had, or have a poor relationship with their dad. It's something that I've seen first hand...I've met women on both sides of the spectrum, and there is definitely a correlation between women that aren't on good terms with...
  14. toast1985

    .gif request.

    Someone please remake a .gif where the headband covers the crowd.
  15. toast1985

    Mature Topic: Can you be in a celibate relationship?

    I'm asking you personally. Hypothetically speaking, you meet a girl who has long term potential, and is working out on several levels...Would you consider a platonic relationship? Let's please keep this free of religion, and if you're answer is no or yes, please attempt to give some reasoning...
  16. toast1985

    Anyone here that does not keep their phone on them?

    Some people find it hard to believe that I can keep my phone in the car, leave it in another room, or keep it at my desk while I'm in a meeting.  Can anyone honestly say their phone is on them 24/7?
  17. toast1985

    Any Nters been to/ plan on going to the Essence Festival?

    I hear about it all the time. I'm torn between this and taste of Chicago.Thoughts?
  18. toast1985


    Point taken.
  19. toast1985

    Pharrell & The Yessirs Appreciation

    How dope would it be to see this in a concert:
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