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  1. soleasian

    Bloomberg: Police stop minorities 'too little'

  2. soleasian

    Social Entrprenurship

    My professor wants my class to do a project on making our own business plans for a social entrepreneurship venture. My group and I were thinking of using solar power or wind power but a lot of times the ideas we come up with aren't cost effective or wouldn't make a profit. Also a lot of times...
  3. soleasian

    Why is everyone wearing Santa costumes today? Vol. 23rd St

    I went to visit a friend of mine to drop off some stuff of his that he left at my place and I see so many people wearing santa costumes on 23rd st in nyc. Both male and female alike. I've been studying for finals so im out of loop on some recent things. But what's the point of the santa costumes...
  4. soleasian

    PC on cough drop foams

    dont have pics, but worn twice. From what I've seen, these go for less than the usual foams. Anyone have the answer to why?
  5. soleasian

    Eric Kostons vs Nike Free Run

    So I've heard good reviews on both shoes. People have said both are comfortable. However, to those that own both of these shoes, which one is more comfortable for you? I'm work part-time and I'm thinking of copping one of these 2 pairs for work. I work at a CVS so it's going to be standing...
  6. soleasian

    Dancing With the Stars Argentina Style Vol. Why Can't America Have This

    SILVINA ESCUDERO STRIPDANCE 25-10-2010 Uploaded by betocammpos. - Music videos, artist interviews, concerts and more.
  7. soleasian

    Post your age and how many jobs you have had

    17, had 3 jobs so far
  8. soleasian

    P/C infrared VI and DMP VI

    I already have prices in my mind on what i think these two are worth, just want more opinions the dmp vi
  9. soleasian

    What comes in this box this box that rocks?

  10. soleasian

    NT Detectives need help

    All right, so my friend was doing business on the other site. It was a meetup and he was trading shoes. During the meetup, other dude came and gave my friend a heavily taped box, like taped 5 or 6 times around. Then he left quickly saying he had to do another meetup. When my friend finally got...
  11. soleasian

    [[ Kaley Cuoco Maxim Spread ]]

  12. soleasian

    NT I think my computer has a virus Vol. Need protection

    What's the best free protection program out there? And what do you guys use? I think my computer has a virus. I'm doing a scan right now to try and get it out.
  13. soleasian

    Hong Kong Girl Snorts Herself to Death

  14. soleasian

    NT who are these girls?

    Would like names on both of them if possible
  15. soleasian

    Price check on Midnight VI's

    Seller says no paint chipping anywhere and comes with og everything. Only flaw is minor yellowing. p/c? thanks
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