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  1. suprduperfly

    They're shooting at Cops in Dallas, Eleven Officers Shot, Two Civilian Injured ,Five CONFIRMED DEAD-

    When I started this thread nothing on google popped up. Was watching the news and saw it unfold live.
  2. suprduperfly

    Nt'ers with their own place and job step in.

    So I've been asking this hypothetical question to coworkers and have been shocked with some of the answers. So here it is: A bag of money shows up on your doorstep with your name on it worth 3 million dollars. The money is legal and cannot be taxed in any way. You have no children or anyone...
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  4. suprduperfly

    After years of procrastination...I finally finished this game.(I'm late)

    These last few weeks I've been progressing through this game to kill the curiosity that started over ten years ago. By today's standards, this game is a four at best. In 1999 however it was ahead of it's time. What took me so long to beat it was I lost my memory card and never got around to...
  5. suprduperfly

    Green Thumb NT'ers! (All ten of you)

    Today a friend's mother was kind enough to give me a portion of her Spearmint plant. I've been reading up on how to preserve the leafs for later uses such as tea. Most of the articles I find about preserving the leaves say that drying them causes substantial flavor loss. Does anyone use a...
  6. suprduperfly

    "You are watching a master at work" sample origin?

    I like to guess or (find out if I don't know), where sound bytes or samples come from for fun. I have no clue where this is from nor can I find it's origin via google. Does anyone know where it's from? Sounds like it was said when T.V. was still broadcast-ed in black and white picture...
  7. suprduperfly

    Voltron Producer Dies @ 57

    Peter Keefe, an animation executive and producer best known as thecreative force behind the iconic children's TV series "Voltron,"died May 27 of throat cancer in Rochester, N.Y. He was 57. source What's up with this? I'm really starting to believe people with similar achievements pass away in...
  8. suprduperfly

    Getting deaded for being too foward...

    Never thought I'd make a girl thread, oh well. I feel like !+%$, got caught up in the moment, a few times, now shorty doesn't want to be together. She broke it off because of too many advances has this happened to any of you? Please stay on topic, I try my best to do so in everyone Else's threads.
  9. suprduperfly

    If a female says...(Female NT's come in too)

    If she says all she hangs out with is guys, an less than three female friends, does that make her a j/o? Got that comment from a chick today and I thought of NT, I remember some of you saying that was a red flag; I never read what female NTers had to say on thesubject. she? Why or why not?
  10. suprduperfly

    I can't believe they got away with this in the 90's

    I used to play this game a lot, went to youtube to relive my childhood and I get this garbage. Now I checked everywhere before posting to make sure it wasn't a's not. This is a real cut scene; I don't remember it being thisbad... The crappy production flew over my eight year old...
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