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  1. swoboydehteezy

    Give me your Crockpot recipes, though.

    I just bought a Crockpot and I need some recipes/ideas about what to make. What are some things that you Crock potheads usually cook in your Crockpot?
  2. swoboydehteezy

    NT, does anyone have it out for you?

    From an episode of Seinfeld:
  3. swoboydehteezy

    How do you go about begging your professor for a grade bump...

    ... but making it seem like it's their fault? (I don't think the sympathy angle would work.) Basically, I took Biology this semester and completely blew it off. I was positive that I would pull off a B (which I would have no problem with). I ended up getting a 793 out of 1000.(7 points away...
  4. swoboydehteezy

    Any Supply Chain Management (SCM) majors here? 8o

    I recently switched from CIS to SCM. (I couldn't take CIS any longer.) I'm going to start my search for internships/career opportunities next semester. What are some good tips as far as industries and firms to look into?
  5. swoboydehteezy


    First off, if you're expecting pictures, go $@%+ yourself. Basically, my mom has summoned me to talk to my little sister about her boyfriend. My mom is upset that my little sister has a boyfriend: A) because he's Black B) because, like all guys, he's horny and trying some funny businessI...
  6. swoboydehteezy

    Attraction between races.

    Are there any racist implications when a person states that they don't find Black girls attractive? He's White, if that matters. He says that, no matter what, he won't find a dark-skinned girl attractive.
  7. swoboydehteezy

    What's your take on smart +$@%# in public?

    Here's a random story: I was riding my bike back from the gym, and as I rode past some dudes sitting on a bench, one yells out, "Hey dude! Cute bike!", and they alllaughed. (I kept riding.) What do you think/do about people like this? (The actual remark didn't offend me--my bike is a pretty...
  8. swoboydehteezy

    NT, put me on to De La Soul.

  9. swoboydehteezy

    Bored? Here's a game to pass the time: My longest distance is around 3800m.
  10. swoboydehteezy

    How will you celebrate the 10th anniversary of NT? (12-10-09)

    The mods should set up a NT World Summit in LA or NYC. Discuss.
  11. swoboydehteezy


    If people are down for this, I'm gonna be Cyrax.
  12. swoboydehteezy


    It's a legit ID, just not mine.
  13. swoboydehteezy

    What's your FAVORITE artist's WORST characteristic?

    Kanye is too arrogant. (I don't really believe this, but I felt as though I should write something.)
  14. swoboydehteezy

    Name a track on Word of Mouf that you didn't like.

    Cuz I can't.
  15. swoboydehteezy

    NT, recommend me a TV series.

    I've watched and re-watched all episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, and Arrested Development. I don't want to kill these shows by watching them too much. Are there any really good TV series that I can watch online for free? I'm considering watching the 4th season of Prison Break, but...
  16. swoboydehteezy

    Being White isn't as easy as it may seem to some people.

    Arrested Development. Discuss.
  17. swoboydehteezy

    The only way minorities get ahead in life is by...

    appealing to white people. True or false? An interesting point my friend made today. (He's Korean if that matters.) Discuss.
  18. swoboydehteezy


    Yesterday I was doing back squats, and everything was going well, just my normal routine, etc. On my last set, I went down, and when I started to come back up,a stinging pain shot through my lower back and I just dropped down. Now it hurts to do just about anything, especially getting up and...
  19. swoboydehteezy

    Return of the Jumpman Team Elite (Double-Stacked Zoom!)

    I was browsing around and I saw that PYS has Jumpman Team Elites, and they look exactly like the ones that were released in 2001. Here is the cool can see that it says "Double-Stacked Zoom" on the heel, just like it did on the 2001 version. I'm really happy thatthey're bringing...
  20. swoboydehteezy

    Any Arizona Wildcats/Tucson residents in here?

    I'm a high school senior, and I have been blessed with a considerable scholarship from the U of A. I was wondering if someone could describe Tucson, the school, and the life in UArizona. I am seriously considering attending so any information about the location would help out a lot. Thanks in...
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