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  1. thuglife67898

    L/C on 2002 Air Jordan XI Low

    Says they are 100% authentic but the Jumpman is different on each shoe?
  2. thuglife67898

    2002 Jordan IX

    Would you guys say a used not DS pair of retro 9's from 2002 to be wearable?
  3. thuglife67898

    PC on OG Air jordan XX2 white

    Includes everything and Brand NEW DS
  4. thuglife67898

    Legit check on Air jordan 12 OVO white

    I have a friend who is trying to buy some OVO 12's and I told him they look suspect since they are samples, but i'm not familiar on how samples work are the pair ultimately a legit pair or fake thanks
  5. thuglife67898

    Legit and Price check on these 2000 6's

    Are these legit? and if so how much is a good price for these?
  6. thuglife67898

    1999 jordan 4 sizing question.

    So im looking to buy a 1999 pair of the Jordan 4 but they are size 10.5 , i have the 2012 pair size 11 and its a bit big on me and some retros i wear 10.5 and some 11. Does the 1999 pair fit the same or smaller? thanks
  7. thuglife67898

    Price Check on Used Air jordan XVIII from 2003

    what's a good price for these good condition and they come with all accessories
  8. thuglife67898

    sole swaping 99 5's what soles to use?

    i neeed to sole swap my 99 5s so can i use any size 11 sole that is the air jordan 5 one even if its not an air jordan 5? and will it be a different size? can i us a jordan 50 plus sole?
  9. thuglife67898

    R.I.P 1999-2013

    Well after 15 years my V's finally cracked.....
  10. thuglife67898

    Legit check plzzzzzzz on 2001 black cement 3's

    And could these be wearable?
  11. thuglife67898

    How much could i get for these

    How much could i get for these Size 11
  12. thuglife67898

    Is it just mine or..

    My 2010 WC 3's have different type and size of elephant print , Iv'e had these for 2 years and just noticed it now anybody else's the same?
  13. thuglife67898

    Diferent size shoes?

    Alright i might be the only one but does anybody's Air Jordan shoe feel different? Because i bought a pair of 12's and 7's 1/2 a size down 10.5 i wear 11 and the right foot is super tight but the left fits perfect am i the only weird one? also most of my shoes have different shapes (left/right)
  14. thuglife67898

    Breaking news Michael Jordan didnt win his 1st title in '91 like we all thought

    according to Footlocker that is lol "Michael Jordan’s 1992 season marked the beginning of MJ’s prime. He was an NBA All Star, regular season MVP, won his first NBA championship"
  15. thuglife67898

    Now you need luck to buy a GR air jordan at footlocker?

    i just called my footlocker store and they tell me i need to go sign up for a raffle on Thursday just to be able to buy the shoes(if my name gets called). So now you need luck or pay over $200 for a pair of General release air jordans?? anybody else does this?
  16. thuglife67898

    can i return shoes at footlocker after 30 days without a receipt

    i wanna return my unworn 6's Olympics to get the raptor Vii's cuz i like those better and i dont have a receipt can i return them for instore credit?
  17. thuglife67898

    OG black toe XIV 's How ,much?

    i went to platos closet to sell some stuff and they had some OG XIV's size 13 they were pretty beat but not by that much for $14 question is how much would they be worth to resell??
  18. thuglife67898

    PC on Fusion 6's

    worn a few time like 2 cuz they are .5 a size too big. size 11.5 btw
  19. thuglife67898

    Air Jordan Xi Low (2007) tongue strap too tight

    was wondering if cutting the strap would help 
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