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  1. checks mcgee

    Jack Harlow thread; what’s poppin?

    Dude got a nice lil flow Pretty refreshing amongst all these trash mumbling cats
  2. checks mcgee

    Official SLUMPBOYZ thread: the return of G Funk?

    I don’t really remember how to embed vids but **** it Old school Nate Dogg LBC vibes The rapping is just aight but the beat and chorus go dumb and really take you back to that era Dude on the chorus could be a star
  3. checks mcgee

    What’s good in Austin, TX

    Taking a trip to Austin for the homies bday. Haven’t been to Texas before. I’ve heard some good things. So far 6th and Rainey street seem to be the move but which restaurants, bars, etc, do y’all suggest? Thanks in advance
  4. checks mcgee

    Pomona/San Dimas things to do Vol. going going back back to Cali Cali

    so I know there’s hella Cali NT’ers and y’all usually come thru w the fire recommendations. I’m from Chicago and visiting the Pomona and San Dimas areas from now till Sunday. What’s fun to do out here? Restaurants/bars/concerts/all suggestions welcome thanks
  5. checks mcgee

    Out in Huntington Beach/ Surf City USA

    Whats good NT? Out in Cali once again, last year was SD, this year it's Huntington Beach visiting a friend. I'm from Chicago. She's a semi hermit. I need some fire go-to spots to hit up while out here. Anything from shopping/food/bars/clubs/things to do. All suggestions appreciated...
  6. checks mcgee

    Must see spots in San Diego

    Yo what up NT, Just touched down in San Diego to enjoy a little time off. I'm here until Monday. I'm from Chicago and know there's alotta SoCal NT'ers. What are some must have eats and decent spots to visit/drink/scoop ******? Thanks in advance
  7. checks mcgee

    Dropping out of college

    NT, today is a sad, sad day for me. I have come to the realization that I will be dropping out of school. I could never find the light at the end of the tunnel because I didn't know what my future held. The present day was the only thing that mattered to me. Everything would come easy...
  8. checks mcgee

    Post your SNAPCHAT vol. d pics for days

    Could not find a thread for this new craze, snap chat. For those that do not know, you send a pic and its gone within 1 to 10 seconds. The harlots are lovin it and usually partake in some shenanigans. Post your usernames.
  9. checks mcgee

    AraabMuzik Appreciation

    Dude is a ******g animal with the MPC :x :x :x post vids cuz i forget how
  10. checks mcgee

    Mother of God meme. LOL

    Prolly one of the funnier memes out now :lol
  11. checks mcgee

    Girls saying something...that means another vol. GirlTalk

    %$% is up w this? A majority of the girls I smanged will say before anything even happens, "We are not having sex, just so you know"...then we end up doing exactly that.  This isn't a humble brag either, it applies to other things too. Like for example- Me: do you want me to stay her: idc...
  12. checks mcgee

    Songs that give you certain vibes

    It's kinda hard to explain but when you hear a certain song you get a certain feeling or vibe. Audio Dope 3- I feel like a special agent or ninja Asap rocky- Brand new guy- Makes me wanna punch things All of the weeknd's music = sex
  13. checks mcgee

    NT, Put me on Yo Gotti

    Just heard got that sack or w.e its called and it @%!+@@ SLAMS. need moar bangers.
  14. checks mcgee

    Team X Blades >>>

    the ultimate movie villain, Val !%@#* had team pup n suds SHOOK
  15. checks mcgee

    Racist Siri...lololol.

    dont know how to embed. but... swag. swag. swag.
  16. checks mcgee

    New Chicago Rapper, Spenzo.

    A dude that can actually spit unlike keef and king louie  Go in Windy city some1 embed plz.
  17. checks mcgee

    We dont get wasted no more...

    We get WAVEY! Before someone come in here postin Jameson and %$%@, listen. 7 dollars a bottle, garden tools love it, and tastes like candy.  Perfect for struggling college student. *Kobe voice*  You're welcome. The official drink of
  18. checks mcgee

    Redbox flow and I do not date, real g @+*@ dont use no cape

    that yellow +$%%+, alotta face, she that emoticonn let us re-visit wale assaulting this !%%!$!* beat
  19. checks mcgee

    I treat !$%#!#! straight up like simon says

    open vagina put ya legs behind ya head  you dunno bout the cases i get
  20. checks mcgee

    Over usage of words. vol. awkward and creep.

    What is wrong with this generation?  girls (even some dudes) can't seem to go 5 minutes of their life without thinking something is awkward or creepy.  Example 1: convo between me and j.o jo: so this kid from class added me on FB, he is a complete stalker and creep. me: why? jo: he added me...
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