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  1. headdetective

    Dunk Xchange DC Dec. 1 1pm-7pm

    Anybody messin wit it?
  2. headdetective

    Sneaker Con

    Anybody messin wit it?
  3. headdetective

    .....HEAD Vol. The Collection *Update pg. 3

    My very own collection post..... I wear all of my shoes. The ones that are still DS, I just haven't gotten around to wearing yet. Still have a few other Gems between storage and my mothers house, but here goes...
  4. headdetective

    ---EBay 25% Cashback---

    Hop on it while you can. All you have to have is a Paypal account and a account and you are good money. ....HEAD
  5. headdetective

    .:.:.:Iraqi Dinars = Millionaire?!!:.:.:.

    With the $3B deal that China inked, is anybody prepping to become a millionaire with this whole Dinar currency exchange thing? Better question: Anybody think it'll really work? Don't know what I'm talkin about? Look it up, you might find something you like. ....HEAD
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