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  1. shaze804

    FS: DS sz 11 NMD_R1 Solar Red

    I'm an OG and haven't sold shoes on here in awhile. I changed my mind on these and I don't need them. Deadstock Solar Red NMD_R1. Never tried on or unlaced. $220 Shipped. Negotiable. Contact me
  2. shaze804

    T R A P

    not yet popular or shouldve been popular....
  3. shaze804

    Where are they now? Artists/Producers

    Milk Carton Status. Khao...producer/rapper The Replacementz Naledge from Kidz in the Hall
  4. shaze804

    Moving to NYC for the summer Vol Sublet

    Intern starting 6/8 :smokin Been looking for a decent spot for a sec 8o Options running slim...Any help or insight would be clutch
  5. shaze804

    Moving to NYC in 2 Weeks

    Will be interning in Manhattan. Looking for any insight into sublets. Good look :smokin
  6. shaze804

    Official Yung Gleesh Thread

    bruh too lit. been sleepin.
  7. shaze804

    Random Videos of Rappers Keepin it 100

  8. shaze804

    NT, it'll take you 3 minutes to fill out this sneaker store survey

    Doing a group project at VCU Brandcenter. We're rebranding a sneaker store in Richmond, VA. Thanks in advance...:smokin
  9. shaze804

    DG Yola Facing Murder Charges
  10. shaze804

    TI dissed Gucci

  11. shaze804

    Sweet Petey/Nickelus F - Vices

    Don't sleep Download
  12. shaze804

    ASAP / Raider Klan Fight

  13. shaze804

    Lil B - Halloween H20

    Pure entertainment.
  14. shaze804

    Phil The Thrill - VAlien (Stream/Download)

    Tracklist: 1. VAlien Intro 2. FTL$ (prod by Sir Henry) 3. Str8nge (prod by Abstract) 4. Her Weeknd Interlude (prod by Abstract) 5. Looking For Love (prod by J.Dilla) 6. Wesey speaks ( 7. Worth The Flight (prod by Abstract) 8. C.L.O.U.D (prod by Artem) 9. Scene of a Dream (prod by...
  15. shaze804

    Kilo Kish - Homeschool
  16. shaze804

    Jody Breeze/DJ Bobbby Black - Airplane Mode

    This joint is TOUGH. 
  17. shaze804

    QBs Finest Appreciation

  18. shaze804

    Polyester The Saint - Real Deal P

     Feeling this.
  19. shaze804

    - CIAA 2012 -

    Never been before but I'm headin down thursday. Whos rockin w/ charlotte that wknd?
  20. shaze804

    Official DTE Thread (Alley Boy - Jeezy/TI Diss)

    Might as well start one....
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