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  1. hellaones

    T-Mobile SMS Refund Program

    I suggest any current or past t-mobile customers to check out this website in which you may be eligible to receive a refund if you were charged for services you did not receive. There are two options when it comes to the amount your possible refund could be...
  2. hellaones

    RIP Cochise

  3. hellaones

    Pic request vol. You sad

    ^ any of you doggies have the you sad rendition of the you mad pic?
  4. hellaones

    new Paul and Juicy/Project Patah mixtapes vol. shuttheffffuuuuppp

    or am I the only one still checking for these guys?  01. Intro 02. Stick Em Up (Feat. DJ Zirk) 03. Get Up Wit Me 04. Black And White Rag 05. My Life (Feat. Lion Heart And Thug Therapy) 06. Neva Too Much 07. Buy My Old *!@@ 08. Too Kill Again Interlude 09. Gimme Yayo (Feat. Mscellaneous And...
  5. hellaones


    somebody had me my gasoline underwear
  6. hellaones

    The artist formerly known as Killer Mike

    didn't see anything posted
  7. hellaones

    ? to NT fathers

    Does the mother of your seed(s) have other children that are not yours? If so how do you handle that and whats your relationship with the children?
  8. hellaones

    Females forcing thier kids on you unappreciation

    Now this was my first time messing with a chick thathas a little one. When she first told me she had a daughter she told me that she doesn't bring dudes around her. Which I respect and prefer becauseI'm not too kid friendly. The other night the babysitter had a emergency and had to burn out...
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