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  1. brivera716

    Who is the all time most famous athlete in the world?

    was arguing with some Europeans & they swore it’s Cristiano Ronaldo. I get he’s huge it terms of active athletes but I never thought he was bigger than Jordan with Jordan’s legacy & brand.
  2. brivera716

    Rap About Nothing: Hip Hop Chat Thread

    Formerly the Everyday Struggle thread, discuss anything Joe Budden or DJ Akademiks related, as well as any overall current events & news related to Hip Hop in this thread.
  3. brivera716

    Sampha - Process

    Are we gonna act like Sampha didn't just drop the front runner for AOTY? Listen to Process by Sampha on @AppleMusic.
  4. brivera716

    Anyone going to ComplexCon?

    I'm not smh. But it looks like such a dope event they're about to put together. Would definately love to hear about anyone's experiences if they're going this weekend.
  5. brivera716

    Clown Attacks Sweeping the Nation [IT Remake Coming 2017]

    Keep hearing about clown sighting & attacks all over the country. Here's an article via
  6. brivera716

    UFO in LA?

    Wondering if anyone saw it or has more info. I don't know much but it's all over Twitter. Didn't see a thread on it here but I found this video on KTT. It gets lit around 1:19.
  7. brivera716

    The Wire coming back?

    So my co-worker just told me that there is talks of making another season of The Wire which would be on Netflix. If this is true, I'm surprised there wasn't a thread on this already. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  8. brivera716

    Pyramid schemes the new hustle?

    I've been approached by three different people, each from different companies. The first was World Ventures, which sells discounts on trips or something of that nature. The second was some energy drink sponsored by Dr. Oz, and the third was called MCA. All three of them basically have the same...
  9. brivera716


    I found a pair of DS mango Barcelona Kobe 6s & the seller wants a trade for my DS weathermans, DS scoring titles & DS What the Kobes. I know its a lot but I've been looking for a pair forever, and this is the first pair i've seen in my size(11). Do you guys think this is a fair trade? Also can I...
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