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  1. Guccishades

    @fake_amiri_squad which one of y’all on there???

    Which NTers rocking fake Amiris? :lol :lol
  2. Guccishades

    Ran into @ksteezy in the train

    @ksteezy is a hypocrite. He said he don’t ride public transportation thinking he better then everyone and I peeped him riding the A train just now.
  3. Guccishades

    October Pickup Thread

    Post that heat yo
  4. Guccishades

    Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Jacket and Coat Thread

    Some new biggies dropping, what else y’all rocking??
  5. Guccishades

    August 2019 Pickup Thread

  6. Guccishades

    Legit Check Travis Scott AJ1

    Bought right in front of Nike but this two different dates thing concerning me, authentic?
  7. Guccishades

    Legit check air max 1 Susan

  8. Guccishades

    Jordan 1 Gold Top 3 legit check

    Got these in from the x, missing white laces :{ Are they authentic?
  9. Guccishades

    March 2019 Pickup Thread Keep Getting Fly

    Some outerwear
  10. Guccishades

    January 2019 Pickup Thread New Year New Money

    post that fire
  11. Guccishades

    Kd Ivs Legit Check

    Hey I bought a few kd iv off the x recently and was looking at them and something seemed weird on my scoring title. The dates on the tag were after the RD. Seemed weird so I decided I’d come here double check em all to see what’s up
  12. Guccishades

    October 2018 Pickup Thread Lets Get This Money

    You know what it is
  13. Guccishades

    September 2018 Pickup thread

    Post y’all heat
  14. Guccishades

    August 2018 pickup thread summer season

    Louis Vuitton it up
  15. Guccishades

    August wdywt 2018 keep maintaining fly

    End of July/beginning of August depending where you’re at on the globe, let’s get this month started y’all
  16. Guccishades

    Kd iv scoring title legit check

    Are these authentic??
  17. Guccishades

    July 2018 Pickup Thread Keep that money flowing

    Something light to start July off you know what it is
  18. Guccishades

    June 2018 WDYWT Thread

    post your fit pics in this joint
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