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  1. joeman1515

    ISS Unappreciation

    This post is my rant about the Legit Check at all other sites other than Niketalk. Every single time you post something they ask for more pictures. Unless yougive them an inside size tag picture, original recepit, blood work, pass a few backgrounds and go through a 4 day waiting period the guys...
  2. joeman1515

    tennis ball hypermaxes

    been calling around about the tennis ball hypermaxes, people are saying they arent that limited and urban accounts should get them, but rps isnt getting themthey dont think, NT said no, and Goods doesnt really mess with basketball shoes, the Eggplant Foams and 1/2 cents were at rps and platinum...
  3. joeman1515

    Laney 5's

    nevermind taken care of please lock
  4. joeman1515

    de la low sbs

    never been burnt on ebay but think i may have been had got a second chance offer and got excited havent paid yet. they seem to check out to me but someone elsetold me they look suspicious after some others said they are decent, no tagged pics but ill take my chance with a guy with high feedback...
  5. joeman1515

    Joemans Starting Collection UPDATED 5/18 PG 3

    Always been into shoes, didnt want to post a lot of my beaters which are mostly sb's and are beat beyond everyday use for the most part so here are mypics, got really into it after the XI/XII CDP release, all ds except the air griffey max, and the cdp xii's which have been worn once. Have a few...
  6. joeman1515

    paypal help

    alright so i just bought a ds pair of mf dooms off ebay and i used live cashback, anyway 230 will be taken out of my bank account, but i dont have the fundsuntil i deposit a few big checks tommorow, now the question is since i will deposit the checks early and i requested my e-check at like 10...
  7. joeman1515

    Air Max 90 Current TZ

    Picked these up today the first day they released in Seattle. I know they are Tier Zero, but I didnt see any hype or anyone talking about them or even see athread, and I think they are pretty , little small on me but o well. Iftheres another thread, lock, but just released in Seattle, might...
  8. joeman1515

    sneaker digging at mom and pops

    So I am watching Just For Kicks (dope documentary if you havent seen it yet google it) and dude was talking about digging at a mom and pops store, gettinglet into the back looking for old shoes that are out of production and maybe one pair is left and they are just confined to sitting in the...
  9. joeman1515

    The Best Part

    Did not see a thread about it and I want to hear some of your experience, I am new to the game of trying to find releases, trying to find steals on ebay etcetc, I always loved shoes but was never into it. So I want to hear what you guys think is the best part of copping a new pair or about being...
  10. joeman1515

    Biggest Regret

    I was searching and couldn't find a post on this if there is my bad. But what is the pair of shoes you most regret selling, buying or missing outon?
  11. joeman1515

    Trade Check

    Thinking of trading my size 13 eggplant foams for these space jams and 50 dollars. Any thoughts?
  12. joeman1515

    LC/PC Concord XI

    Legit? PC?
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