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  1. kurr

    African Descendants ✊🏿 Black People - Americas, Africa, Caribbean Culture Discussion

    Quick question for @layziegunts ; is it possible for a strong black man to marry a black woman and decide not to have children? Would it make a difference if the wife in question is black or not? Just trying to figure out your strong black man equation.
  2. kurr

    Official Umar Johnson Thread

    Is he even a Doctor? Not being petty. Really want to know.
  3. kurr

    Official Umar Johnson Thread

    “Panties in a bunch...”?? Please don’t disrespect women. Also, you seem to be the one that’s hurt.
  4. kurr

    *| | Denim _ School | |*

    From, “UES jeans is made of Zimbabwe cotton. Zimbabwe cotton is raised by the grace of mother Africa and it is recognized as the best quality cotton in the world. To harvest only by hand, it doesn’t have any damage or mixed with cotton of a lower purity. For that reason Zimbabwe Cotton...
  5. kurr

    *| | Denim _ School | |*

    There’s this brand called UES. I really like their philosophy. I’ve been getting pieces from them for years, but now I just picked up my first pair of their jeans for its annual denim marathon. I picked up their Type 1 Jacket to beat along with my jeans.
  6. kurr

    *| | Denim _ School | |*

    Finally caught up to the thread. It was nice seeing Lee posted. I’m a big Lee 101 fan. I’ve been paying attention to a lot of older denim heritage stuff recently. Anyone into denim jackets? I just received my first dry type 1 jacket from a Japanese brand I’ve been buying from for some years...
  7. kurr

    the Vans thread...

    Anyone score those style 53 Vivienne Westwoods?
  8. kurr

    Nike x Cactus Plant Flea Market | WHAT’S NEXT?

    Blazers have always been a bit too narrow for me. I remember having Mission Blazers in a size 10.5. Loved those. Can't wait to try size 11 Sponges on.
  9. kurr

    Nike HyperAdapt: 1.0 and Adapt BB

    Are you planning on playing in them? I managed to score the black pair in that same size too after the app told me the Mag colorwqy sold out. I hope the fit is ok.
  10. kurr

    CONFIRMED: Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey August 2019

    Haha! I remember the only other sneaker heads in my year being a set of twin girls. One had a pair of the white/green.
  11. kurr

    CONFIRMED: Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey August 2019

    Back in 9th grade I had these in a 10.5. I'm a 10.5 in 1s, but when the black cement 3s last released I wish I had sized up to 11. So I put in for an 11 on UNDFTD. I might try for the 10.5 on SNKRS just because there's free returns.
  12. kurr

    Your Next Vacation Destination.....?

    South Africa. Philippines after.
  13. kurr

    Denver decriminalizes 'magic mushrooms'

    Steeping it in tea is a game changer! Beautiful times.
  14. kurr


    Anyone recycle old shoes at the NIke outlets? I have dropped off a handful in the past, but now I have a ton to drop off. Haven't been to Linerick's Philadelphia Premium Outlets in a minute. I hope they still have the recycling box.
  15. kurr

    Air Jordan 4 Retro "Laser" 01/19/19 $200

    Surprised that I have these reserved. I copt on impulse. Now they just need to reserve me some cool greys. I think that's the only JB release I want all year....unless we get Neutral Grey 1's.
  16. kurr

    Official Umar Johnson Thread

    Only read this page, and I'm just gonna have to say Valencia Clay > Umar Johnson. Didn't he lie about being a doctor?
  17. kurr

    Official Air Jordan 1 Retro High Thread Vol: Best Model/Thread

    Height is preference, but I'm sure he means that the higher cut holds true to its original form.
  18. kurr


    Anyone own a pair of Golden Goose Deluxe Brand sneakers? I've been seeing em alot over the past year. Anyone have/ like to share a personal review? Also how does it compare to a Common Project, or any other fine leather luxury sneaker?
  19. kurr

    Going to France in Jan

    So dope! I'm excited because my fiancee and I are submitting our marriage license, and flying out to CDG Monday morning. We're going to be there for 8 days.
  20. kurr

    Nike Air Max Plus Thread

    Happy to cop the HB. Had these when I was about 9 y/o.
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