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  1. rowenarrow

    Website Check:

    Anyone know about this site or ordered from here. Prices seem way to good to be sure.  Be my GOOGLE NT!!!
  2. rowenarrow

    Anyone on here live in Dubai?

    I am planning on moving there from Kuwait soon and wanted to see if any of that fam resides there. Club life is insane there, I stay getting it in at Sanctuary, C-Bar, Diablo, Armani etc... But this is a move for my career, so yeah get at me if you live there or in the UAE.
  3. rowenarrow

    ???Who makes these sunglasses???

  4. rowenarrow

    POST your stashbox (Lets see what the people of NT use)

    Its simple most of us have a stashbox for something, right? Money, condoms, greenery, we have a nice little way of putting it away or hiding it in plan site, so lets see what you use. As for me my condom stash is in Pandora's Box from GOW III...
  5. rowenarrow

    Leaked Images of HP's Upcoming WebOS Tablets

    Oh, hello. A trusted tipster just sent in these internal renders of HP / Palm's "Topaz" webOS tablet, which is one of two tablets currently being developed in Sunnyvale. That's right, two tablets: the 9-inch Topaz and a 7-inch model codnamed Opal -- a lineup that fits nicely into Palm's...
  6. rowenarrow

    NAS drives... (Network-Attached Storage)

    Does anyone on here use or maintain home/personal NAS drives? I am about to set one up and was wondering what your thoughts were about using it to stream and hold media to be accessed from all over my house. You have things like remote access even from outside locations that come into play, but...
  7. rowenarrow

    Question 4 Mods.... Why are we still using Yuku?

    Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. I know you have heard it from us before, but I have to speak out on this for myself. This provider is at times painful and the once scorned multi post has become a regular event.  Is this what we will have to deal with? Are you guys exploring other options?
  8. rowenarrow

    Fantasy Football Leagues

    Okay this is not to talk about the sport but an actual league. Do we have any NT leagues going? I need to play in another one.
  9. rowenarrow

    Taking a step back just to move forward...still shaking my head though.

    So I needed to type this out and put it in a place where I could get some feedback. I have been working overseas for 3 years now and I can't even lie, I have been having a good time. The company that I work for now just pulled a foul move on me (as well as many people who they are now hiring) In...
  10. rowenarrow

    Thundercats anime planned for CN :)

    Source Grab your sword of omens, we need sight beyond sight! Yes, the ThunderCats are planning a return, with the Cartoon Network commissioning an anime series from the same studio that did The Animatrix. [HollywoodReporter via SFX]
  11. rowenarrow

    Google Voice: No more International SMS for you

    So yeah they just out of the blue stopped allowing us to send SMS internationally. This better be short lived, this is one of the key reasons I bought a nexus one.
  12. rowenarrow

    Steve Jobs: Flash Is No Longer Necessary

    Source: Mashable Steve Jobs has just posted a long open letter on Flash, listing all the reasons why Apple has decided not to support it on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The letter is a clear, sober, in-depth view in all of Flash’s defects from Apple’s point of view, and while we’re...
  13. rowenarrow

    Microsoft confirms, kills Courier in one fell swoop... :(

    Microsoft confirms, kills Courier in one fell swoop By Joshua Topolsky  posted Apr 29th 2010 4:44PM /;">http://www.blogsmithmedia...swipe-breaking-red.gif); background-repeat: no-repeat; display: block; width: 55px...
  14. rowenarrow

    Back in Manila for 3 days.

    I am back people I freakin love this country and I had to hurry back to see my girl. So just sayin whats up. Real talk it would be cool to meet some of you katz, so if yall get together let me know. Send me a PM that way I know for sure. 
  15. rowenarrow

    Tag this photo...

    1) Chin up 2) Jay Leno, you are the father! 3) Sorry sort of lame, but I am that bbored right now.
  16. rowenarrow

    Your banks, your accounts... Whats your set-up?

    Okay so I am thinking about looking into how I have my bank set up. Trying to structure things a little bit better, so I don't have to much activity going on in one account. I was wondering if any of you guys had any advice. How do you set up your accounts and keep things organized? I am...
  17. rowenarrow do you do it???

    Okay this is a technical topic right here. So my HD crashed and I am starting from scratch roughly. The only thing that sucks is setting up my iTunes all over again. I am not sure in how I want to do it. I easily have over 100GB of music I want to put in but I don't like having all that music on...
  18. rowenarrow

    iTune alternates

    Okay I know it has been posted here before, but I can't find it so I shall ask again. I want to find alternate ways to move music to my iPod and iPhone. So if I were looking to not use iTunes for this what is the best program to work with for PC and MAC?
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