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  1. shapeshiftah

    Next NYC Summit: Green St., Malado, G.O.D. Jewels, Hi-Jynx, and Mr. Jefferson Show at Santos, 7/17

    #NT #NYC folk from Twitter have been coming through heavy for the past four summits we have held these past two months.  These summits have been poppin, and we expect the next one to be a good time as well. Our next summit will be held at the July 17th #NT Secret Society show at Santos Party...
  2. shapeshiftah

    Mods, please lock. Thanks.

    My dude sounds like he's havin a real tough time, please say a prayer for him.  Hope you are doing okay bro.
  3. shapeshiftah

    Happy Birthday to my dude TheUndyingMachine aka @LeStache

    Enjoy your born day bro. Too bad you couldn't make it back up to your hometown, but hope you have a good time regardless.
  4. shapeshiftah

    LOL! Kanye the new King of Pop? :\

  5. shapeshiftah

    Chick falls into sewer while texting, LMAO.

  6. shapeshiftah

    Bacon = cure for a hangover?

  7. shapeshiftah

    Video: Bird diving to catch its prey (from the fish's perspective)

    at the second fish... probably thinkin, "uhh, where's mike?"
  8. shapeshiftah

    NT office workers: Is it rude to microwave foods with "offensive" smells?

    at my office during lunchtime, people microwave everything from pickled fish to curried lamb to kim-chee, and the aroma wafts all over the office. some days,you can catch a whiff in the hallway. given that it's a pretty diverse group of people at work, you always hear people complaining. in...
  9. shapeshiftah

    NYC Hot Dog Vendors = Baller Status?

  10. shapeshiftah

    Drinking water recycled from urine and sweat? sorry if already posted. no matter how clear and refreshing looking the water looks and smells (and probably tastes), just knowing that it came from somebody else's urine, breath,and sweaty funk would just get me
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