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  1. rca808

    Legit check CDP Hare 7s

    Also is $200 a good price?
  2. rca808

    LC Nubuck 12's

    Are these real I ask because as you can see in the picture of the bottoms one is yellow and black and the jumpman is red and on the other  one is they are  not they are 7y if that makes a difference 
  3. rca808

    Yorkdale footlocker has hare 7s on sale $245

    Fsr that's what the guy told me
  4. rca808

    Any stores in Toronto still selling Chrome 6 lows?

    If anyone has seen them please let me know thanks!
  5. rca808

    Yorkdale Footlocker has the Flax air force on sale size 7 and below

    They also told me they would not be getting anything higher than 7 im not sure if they are just misinformed or what champs also told me they where not getting them at all so plan well if you want them 
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