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  1. xavier24


    Hey Im going to Beijing next week for a couple of days. Does anyone know places to go for shopping, night life? I've heard sanlitun street is a good placebut im not sure.
  2. xavier24


    Hey im going to beijing in about a week and am wondering what I can do there besides see the sites? Maybe some clubs,bars, and obviously shopping. If anyonecan let me know that'd be great
  3. xavier24

    11/8: Supreme x Nike SB Air Trainer TW II's & Varsity's

    I picked up the last size 13 in white red and black my girl waited for me thank god. there ill tho the line was crazy even towards 7 before they closed
  4. xavier24

    Nike WhattheDunk is Real...

    the list was accepted and no one was stabbed or arrested one kid was yelled at by the cops at best! supreme is making the top 40 people on this list, which was bullcrap, bring in some type of photo id when they come in tomorrow to pick up the kicks.
  5. xavier24

    What are the quickstrike stores in NYC?

    just like the question asks what are the quickstrike stores?
  6. xavier24

    Supreme fall line?

    Sooo many kids skipped but I had no school because I had orientation the day before. It was clutch tho even tho I still got there kinda late.
  7. xavier24

    Supreme fall line?

    Yaaa I waited from 11 till like 130 they had a lot of nice stuff. But some stuff didn't release yet because it isn't close enough to winter. I copped the tera patrick tee the b*tch please supreme too and the box crew neck in purple they had a lot of nice stuff tho.
  8. xavier24

    Going to NYC Aug 24-28 Manhattan

    besides site seeing theres a ton of shopping and you can find anything you need. see the sites and do some shopping is what i can suggest
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