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  1. gmax

    Jordan 1 Fragments legit check

    Clearer picture of size tag..
  2. gmax

    Legit check on Air Jordan 1 x OffWhite please

    No. If it came laced with green laces it is fake .. Can u get a clearer pic of the size tag i can ge 100% certain
  3. gmax

    LC on Fragment Jordan 1

    Good deal but still lot of money so I was hoping to get other things guy seems trustworthy but you never know
  4. gmax

    Off White Jordan 1 Collaboration

    Are these legit..? Found these one ebay.. Source seems pretty knowledgeable and has great feedback and but price seems too good to be true ood feedback
  5. gmax

    JORDAN 1 SHATTERED BACKBOARD LEGIT CHECK (sorry if this a duplicate post)

    lol the sbb is real though for sure..
  6. gmax

    Jordan Shattered Backboard 1 Legit Check

    Got a better pic of the size tag.?
  7. gmax

    JORDAN 1 SHATTERED BACKBOARD LEGIT CHECK (sorry if this a duplicate post)

    The SBB actually look OK to me. The swoosh on the bottom is a common factory error because they made with that kind of swoosh for other places.. everything else checks out and it is legit size tag.. legit
  8. gmax

    Legit Check Jordan 1 Royals 2017

    Who was the seller
  9. gmax


    I have bought royals from him before and they were legit
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