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  1. sneakerhead491

    Anywhere To Get Lined Up In OC?

    I know its OC but there has got to be a place to get lined up. I have been doing it myself and I really want a place to just go get it done at. If anyone knows of a barber shop that can do a good line up, please let me know. Thanks
  2. sneakerhead491

    Best Surf Spots?

    Hey guys, I'm not much of a surfer so I don't know where to surf or anything but I have a cousin coming in from New Jersey who is a big surfer. I want to take him to some of the best surf spots and show him how good California surf really is. Does anyone know of any really good places I should...
  3. sneakerhead491

    Info On Soul Assassins?

    I have heard about these events and was wondering if anyone could tell me when/where they are taking place. I heard that there haven't been any lately but if anyone could give me some info that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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